Free Forever Plan for MeisterTask - Core Task Management
Project Management


MeisterTask is a collaborative task and project management platform designed for project managers, team leaders, creative teams, and remote teams. It offers intuitive task management, collaborative workspaces, task automation, and integration with MindMeister for seamless project planning and coordination.

Free Forever Plan for MeisterTask – Core Task Management - Get the most out of MeisterTask

How much can customers save with MeisterTask deal?

Forever Free plan

How to Claim This Offer: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the MeisterTask Website:
  2. Sign Up or Log In:
    • If you already have a MeisterTask account, log in. If not, sign up for a new account.
  3. Explore Plans:
    • Navigate to the pricing or plans section.
    • Look for the "Free" plan, designed for single users with core task management features.
  4. Select Free Plan:
    • Choose the Free Forever plan, emphasizing core task management features.
    • Review the details, including task management for up to 3 projects, unlimited project members, customizable project boards, and up to 5 collaborative notes.
  5. Complete Registration:
    • Complete the registration process by providing the necessary information.
  6. Access Free Features:
    • Once registered, you can access the features of the Free Forever plan.
    • Explore core task management functionalities for up to 3 projects, collaborate with unlimited project members, customize project boards, and create up to 5 collaborative notes.
  7. Get Started:
    • Start using MeisterTask for your task management needs.
    • Utilize the features included in the Free Forever plan to manage tasks, projects, and collaborate effectively.

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