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Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that simplifies data analysis and visualization. With an intuitive interface, it enables users to explore and share insights, making data-driven decisions accessible to everyone.


Metabase: Unleash the Power of Data Insights with Simplicity and Versatility

Welcome to Metabase – your go-to platform for turning raw data into actionable insights effortlessly. Whether you’re a data analyst, business user, or decision-maker, Metabase empowers you to explore, visualize, and understand your data with an intuitive and powerful analytics solution.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Query Builder: Say goodbye to complex SQL queries. Metabase’s intuitive query builder allows users of all skill levels to effortlessly explore and analyze data, transforming raw information into valuable insights with a few clicks.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Bring your data to life with interactive and customizable dashboards. Visualize key metrics, trends, and patterns, and share insights with stakeholders to drive data-driven decision-making across your organization.
  • Smart Data Exploration: Dive deep into your data with ease. Metabase’s smart data exploration features, including filters, drill-throughs, and segmentation, enable you to uncover hidden trends and gain a comprehensive understanding of your information.
  • Collaborative Analytics: Foster a culture of collaboration and data-driven decision-making. Metabase allows users to share queries, dashboards, and insights, ensuring that everyone in your organization has access to the information they need.
  • Real-Time Data Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time data updates. Metabase connects to a variety of data sources, providing you with the most up-to-date information to support timely and informed decision-making.
  • Data Governance and Security: Prioritize data security and compliance. Metabase offers robust data governance features, including role-based access controls and encryption, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure.

Why Metabase?

  • Open Source Foundation: Benefit from the flexibility and transparency of an open-source platform. Metabase’s open-source roots ensure continuous innovation and community-driven development.
  • Scalability: Grow your analytics capabilities as your organization expands. Metabase scales seamlessly, accommodating the evolving needs of businesses of all sizes.
  • Ease of Integration: Integrate Metabase effortlessly into your existing data ecosystem. Connect to various data sources, databases, and third-party tools, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined analytics workflow.

Experience the simplicity and power of data analytics with Metabase. Join the community of data-driven organizations that trust Metabase to unlock the full potential of their data. Elevate your analytics game – start with Metabase today!




Marketing and Analytics
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Pricing and Features

Product Tier


Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Fine-Grained Control for Demanding Teams
  • Your Choice of Cloud or Self-Hosted Deployments
  • Single-Sign and User Group Mapping via SAML, LDAP, or JWT
  • In-Metabase Audit Logs for User Behavior and Dashboard Views
  • Row-Level Permissions via Data Sandboxing
  • Customization of Logo, UI, and Chart Colors
  • Granular Control of Result Caching for Faster Dashboards


Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Fully-Managed Cloud Deployment
  • Enterprise-Level Availability and Redundancy
  • Operational Overhead Handled by Metabase
  • Out-of-the-Box SMTP Server
  • Custom Domain for Your Instance
  • SOC 2 Type II Compliance
  • Direct Support from First-Class Success Engineers




  • Tailored Solutions for Large Organizations
  • Customized Pricing Based on Requirements
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • High-Level Governance and Compliance
  • Customization Options and Advanced Configurability



Steps to cancel Metabase Subscription

To cancel a Metabase subscription, visit the official website, contact support for assistance, follow provided instructions, and monitor billing statements for confirmation. For detailed instructions, please refer to Metabase Cancellation Guide.


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Product FAQ

What is Metabase, and how does it help with data visualization and analytics?

Metabase is an open-source business intelligence and analytics tool that allows users to visualize and analyze data. It provides a user-friendly interface for creating charts, dashboards, and reports, making it accessible for both technical and non-technical users to explore and understand their data.

What types of data sources does Metabase support for analysis and reporting?

Metabase supports a variety of data sources, including databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB, as well as cloud-based data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. It enables users to connect to different data repositories and centralize their analytics efforts.

How user-friendly is Metabase for non-technical users, and does it require coding skills to create reports and dashboards?

Metabase is designed to be user-friendly, and it does not require extensive coding skills. Non-technical users can create reports and dashboards through a simple point-and-click interface. However, it also provides a SQL editor for users with coding expertise who want to create more complex queries.

Can Metabase be used for sharing and collaborating on data insights within teams?

Yes, Metabase supports sharing and collaboration on data insights. Users can share dashboards and reports with team members, and interactive elements like filters and parameters make it easy for others to explore and interact with the data. Additionally, Metabase provides access controls to manage user permissions.

Is Metabase suitable for large-scale enterprise deployments, and what deployment options are available?

Metabase is suitable for both small-scale and large-scale deployments. It offers a self-hosted version that organizations can deploy on their servers or cloud infrastructure. Additionally, Metabase Cloud provides a hosted and managed solution for those who prefer a fully-managed and scalable environment without the need for self-hosting.

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