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Notabase revolutionizes note-taking with networked thinking, enabling bidirectional links, powerful search, and rich formatting. Ideal for writers, students, and creative professionals, it offers privacy, customization, and cross-platform accessibility in an open-source platform.


What is Notabase?

Forget the limitations of linear note-taking and fragmented ideas. Notabase isn’t just another note-taking app; it’s a powerful, open-source platform designed for networked thinking. Build a connected knowledge base where your notes link and interact, fostering deeper understanding and creative exploration. Ditch the silos and unlock the true potential of your ideas with Notabase.

Why Choose Notabase?

Struggling with scattered notes, limited organization options, and difficulty connecting ideas across different topics? Notabase offers a compelling solution:

  • Networked Note-Taking: Create notes and establish bidirectional links between them, reflecting the natural connections and relationships within your knowledge.
  • Powerful Search and Navigation: Effortlessly navigate your interconnected knowledge base with advanced search functionality and intuitive browsing tools.
  • Rich Note Formatting: Enhance your notes with images, code snippets, and other multimedia elements, enriching your understanding and creative expression.
  • Open-Source and Customizable: Gain complete control over your data and tailor Notabase to your specific needs and preferences with its open-source foundation.
  • Privacy-Focused: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your notes are secure and private, with control over data storage and access.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: Access your notes from anywhere, anytime, with desktop and mobile apps for various operating systems.

Who is Notabase For?

Notabase empowers individuals and teams of all backgrounds:

  • Writers and Researchers: Organize your thoughts, research findings, and references efficiently, fostering deeper exploration and knowledge synthesis.
  • Students and Educators: Build comprehensive knowledge bases for various subjects, connect ideas effectively, and enhance learning experiences.
  • Project Managers and Teams: Collaborate on projects effectively by sharing and connecting notes, ensuring everyone stays informed and on the same page.
  • Creative Professionals: Spark new ideas, explore diverse perspectives, and connect seemingly unrelated concepts to fuel creative innovation.
  • Lifelong Learners: Build a personal knowledge repository, cultivate a growth mindset, and continuously expand your understanding of the world.

Notabase stands out as a paradigm shift in the note-taking landscape. Its commitment to networked thinking, open-source principles, and user-friendly features makes it an attractive choice for individuals and teams seeking to break free from linear thinking, connect ideas seamlessly, and unlock the full potential of their knowledge. Whether you’re a writer crafting your next masterpiece, a student delving into complex subjects, or simply someone seeking to organize your thoughts and ideas effectively, Notabase empowers you to build a connected knowledge landscape, foster deeper understanding, and achieve your goals with greater clarity and creativity.

Pricing and Features

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  • Page Stacking: Browse with stacking for seamless navigation.
  • WYSIWYG Editor: Edit with markdown support for clarity.
  • Linked References: Explore notes referencing specific ones.
  • Organize Efficiently: Use links, tags, and nesting for order.
  • PWA Installation: Install as a PWA for quick access.
  • Cloud Sync: Access notes across devices with synchronization.
  • Graph View: Visualize and analyze your knowledge graph.


Product FAQ

How does Notabase differ from traditional note-taking apps?

While traditional apps often focus on hierarchical organization, Notabase prioritizes creating connections between notes. This allows for a more flexible and interconnected knowledge base, reflecting the way our brains naturally process information.

Is Notabase secure?

Notabase prioritizes user privacy. Unlike many cloud-based note-taking apps, Notabase encourages self-hosting your data. This means you have complete control over where your information is stored and who has access to it, addressing privacy concerns prevalent in cloud-based solutions.

How does Notabase work?

Notabase allows you to create and edit notes in a familiar markdown format. What sets it apart is the focus on establishing links between your notes. You can easily create connections by mentioning other notes within your text, fostering a web of interconnected ideas. This structure enables you to navigate your knowledge base through these links, exploring related concepts and gaining a broader perspective.

Can I collaborate with others on my Notabase knowledge base?

Currently, Notabase does not offer built-in collaboration features. However, the developers are actively working on adding this functionality in future updates.

Does Notabase offer any integrations with other apps?

Currently, Notabase offers limited direct integrations with other applications. However, you can export your notes in various formats like Markdown or HTML, allowing you to integrate them into other workflows or knowledge management systems.

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