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Open Source is a web-based, local-first note-taking app enabling secure, private, and offline access with powerful Markdown formatting features that keep user data encrypted and under complete control for writers, thinkers, privacy advocates, and productivity-focused minimalists alike.


What is is a modern, web-based note-taking app that keeps your data local and secure. Unlike other note-taking tools, stores your notes directly on your computer, giving you complete control over your information. No cloud lock-in, no hidden fees, just your thoughts and ideas organized effortlessly.

Why Write with

Looking for a secure and distraction-free space to capture your ideas and organize your thoughts? offers a unique note-taking experience with several key advantages:

  • Privacy First: No data breaches, no prying eyes. Your notes stay safely encrypted on your local machine, accessible only by you.
  • Markdown Magic: Write with ease using the simple and versatile Markdown language. Easily format text, create headings, embed code, and add links for a clear and organized structure.
  • Works Offline: Never worry about losing internet connection. functions seamlessly offline, ensuring your notes are always at your fingertips.
  • Clean Interface: Enjoy a distraction-free writing experience with a minimalist and intuitive interface. Focus on capturing your thoughts without unnecessary clutter.
  • Powerful Features: Go beyond basic note-taking with features like collapsible headings, date parsing, emoji support, and keyboard shortcuts for efficient note management.

Who is For?

Whether you’re a writer, thinker, or simply seeking a secure and private platform for your notes, offers something for everyone:

  • Writers and Thinkers: Capture your ideas, brainstorm concepts, and organize your thoughts with a flexible and secure platform.
  • Privacy-Conscious Users: Gain peace of mind knowing your notes are under your control, not stored on third-party servers.
  • Markdown Enthusiasts: Leverage the power and simplicity of Markdown to create well-formatted, structured notes.
  • Offline Creators: Keep your productivity flowing even without an internet connection, perfect for travelers and remote workers.
  • Minimalists: Enjoy a distraction-free writing environment that empowers you to focus on your ideas. is more than just a note-taking app; it’s a philosophy. It’s about ownership, security, and freedom. Capture your ideas, organize your thoughts, and unlock your creativity with a tool that puts you in control. Ditch the cloud and take notes your way with



Open Source
Free Usage for Community Free & Open-Source Note-Taking Platform for Offline Use

Pricing and Features

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Open Source



  • Local Storage: Securely stores notes locally in chosen folders.
  • Data Ownership: Retains full control, no data hostage situation.
  • Markdown Support: Automatically saves notes in readable Markdown format.
  • Offline Functionality: Operates without internet, installable as a native app.
  • Organizational Tools: Offers various methods for note organization.
  • Action Palette: Features backlinking, folder view, tags, and workspaces.
  • Rich Editing Experience: Clean interface with collapsible headings, date parsing, emojis, and more.


Product FAQ

How do I start using is a note taking app that works offline and does not require a sign up. To get started, visit the website and click on the “Get started” button. You will be able to choose a folder on your computer to store your notes. uses Markdown format for notes, which is a simple text-based format that is easy to read and edit.

What features does offer? boasts a WYSIWYG editor, collapsible headings, date parsing, emoji support, markdown shortcuts, todo lists, and more. Organize your notes with folders, backlinks, tags, and workspaces.

Can I collaborate on notes with others?

Currently, focuses on individual note-taking. While collaborating directly within the app isn’t built-in yet, exporting your notes in Markdown allows for sharing and collaboration in other tools.

Can I integrate with other apps? doesn’t offer direct integrations yet, but its open-source nature allows for community-developed tools and integrations in the future.

Does collect any personal information?

No, operates anonymously and doesn’t collect any personal user data.

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