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Openmart, a sales intelligence platform, leverages AI for automated B2B lead generation. Ideal for SDRs, AEs, sales leaders, and marketers, it streamlines prospecting with AI-driven search, deep insights, and seamless multi-channel integration, offering affordable scalability.


What is Openmart?

Say goodbye to endless manual B2B lead generation and inaccurate data. Openmart isn’t just a contact finder; it’s a cutting-edge sales intelligence platform that empowers you to uncover qualified leads, automate research, and close deals faster with powerful AI tools. Ditch the outdated directories and inefficient spreadsheets – Openmart provides a comprehensive and AI-driven solution, streamlining your prospecting efforts and delivering the right leads right at your fingertips.

Why Choose Openmart?

Struggling to identify ideal customers, gather accurate prospect information, and streamline your sales cycle? Openmart offers a compelling solution:

  • AI-powered search and enrichment: Leverage advanced AI algorithms to target prospects based on specific firmographics, technographics, and engagement signals, building hyper-focused lead lists automatically.
  • Deep insights and data enrichment: Gain access to in-depth profiles containing contact details, job titles, technologies used, and engagement history, enabling personalized outreach strategies.
  • Seamless multi-channel integration: Integrate Openmart with your CRM and email marketing platforms to launch personalized outreach campaigns at scale, boosting your sales pipeline velocity.
  • Real-time data updates: Enjoy continuous data refresh and AI analysis, ensuring your outreach efforts are based on the most accurate and relevant information available.
  • Collaborative prospecting: Empower your sales team to share insights, identify overlapping interests, and collaborate effectively on prospecting initiatives.
  • Affordable and scalable pricing: Choose a plan that fits your team size and budget, with the flexibility to adjust as your needs evolve.

Who is Openmart For?

Openmart empowers sales professionals and teams across various industries and sizes:

  • Sales development representatives (SDRs): Quickly build accurate prospect lists, prioritize high-value opportunities, and automate outreach for efficient lead generation.
  • Account executives (AEs): Gain deep insights into target accounts, personalize proposals, and build stronger relationships with key decision-makers.
  • Sales leaders and managers: Coach and empower your sales team with data-driven insights, optimize prospecting strategies, and drive predictable revenue growth.
  • Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs: Access the same powerful B2B sales intelligence tools used by large enterprises, leveling the playing field and connecting with your ideal customers.
  • Marketing teams: Align sales and marketing efforts by collaborating on targeted lists and campaigns, ensuring consistent messaging and lead nurturing.

Openmart stands out as a powerful and efficient platform that transcends the limitations of traditional prospecting tools. Its commitment to AI-powered insights, deep data enrichment, and multi-channel integrations makes it an attractive choice for sales professionals of all levels seeking to identify qualified leads, streamline their sales process, and ultimately close more deals faster. Whether you’re a seasoned salesperson or a startup founder, Openmart empowers you to unlock the full potential of your sales efforts and achieve explosive sales success.



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Pricing and Features

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Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial

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  • Business Insights: Strategic insights for your business growth.
  • 3 Seats Included: Cost-effective annual billing with a team allowance.
  • 1k+ Competitor Locator: Access a wide range of competitor store locator scrapers.
  • AI Filters for Leads: Use AI filters to refine and target high-quality leads.
  • 10k Leads: Expand your reach with a substantial number of leads.
  • 1M+ Business Information: Global business information, w/ decision-maker contacts.
  • Limited Export: Export data within specified limits.

Enterprise Custom Plan



Free Trial

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  • Business Insights: Tailored solutions for enterprise-level business intelligence.
  • Teams with 4+ Seats: Collaborate seamlessly with a larger team.
  • 1k+ Competitor Locator: Access a comprehensive set of competitor store locator scrapers.
  • Unlimited AI Filters: Utilize AI filters without limitations for precision targeting.
  • Unlimited Leads: Extend your outreach with unlimited prospects and retailer leads.
  • 1M+ Business Information: Global business information, w/ decision-maker contacts.
  • Unlimited Export: Enjoy unrestricted data export for enhanced data utilization.
  • Custom Requests: Tailor the platform to your unique needs with custom integrations or scraper requests.
  • Dedicated Line with CEO: Receive priority support and direct communication with the CEO for strategic guidance.


Product FAQ

Beyond lead generation, what unique features does Openmart offer for B2B sales teams?

Openmart transcends simple contact lists. Imagine an AI-powered platform that automates your lead research, saving you days of manual effort. Define your ideal customer profile and leverage industry-specific filters to uncover highly compatible small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from their massive database of over 1 million. Refine your searches and discover new leads as you introduce new products or services, ensuring your pipeline stays fresh and relevant.

Data accuracy and targeting are crucial. How does Openmart ensure reliable information and efficient lead identification?

Openmart prioritizes accuracy and efficiency. Their AI engine rigorously researches and verifies leads, eliminating irrelevant contacts and saving you valuable time. Customize your search with industry-specific filters and define your ideal customer profile, ensuring you reach the right businesses with the highest compatibility potential. Openmart empowers you to focus on building connections, not wasting time on unqualified leads.

Ease of use and integration are essential for busy sales teams. How does Openmart streamline the workflow?

Openmart prioritizes a user-friendly experience. Get started quickly with their fast onboarding process, simply providing your company information, top products, and target sectors. Build your own filters based on your unique needs, or let the AI suggest compatible leads based on your defined criteria. Integrate Openmart with your existing CRM to manage your business relationships effortlessly, centralizing your data and streamlining your sales process.

Scalability and adaptability are key for growing businesses. Can Openmart adapt to my evolving needs and industry?

Openmart scales with your ambition. Whether you’re a startup venturing into a new market or an established company expanding your product line, Openmart can adapt. Utilize their industry-specific solutions for various sectors like medical, retail, recreation, and more. Additionally, their custom data enrichment options allow you to tailor your searches to your specific needs, ensuring ongoing relevance as your business grows and evolves.

Pricing and support: Does Openmart offer flexible options and resources to fit my needs and budget?

Openmart caters to various business sizes and budgets. Unfortunately, they don’t disclose specific pricing information on their website. However, they offer a free trial, allowing you to test their platform and see if it aligns with your needs. Additionally, their website provides comprehensive resources, including case studies, webinars, and blog posts, to help you get started and maximize the value of Openmart’s AI-powered lead generation.

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