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PandaDoc is an all-in-one document automation platform designed for businesses, streamlining document creation, collaboration, and e-signatures. With features catering to sales, legal, and marketing teams, PandaDoc enhances efficiency and accelerates document workflows, making it valuable for businesses of all sizes.

Save up to 46% with PandaDoc

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$104.88 per user per year

How to Reduce Your PandaDoc Subscription Cost

PandaDoc offers powerful document management solutions, but if you’re looking to save on subscription costs, consider these strategies:

Do Not Upgrade Yet! Check for Optional Features

  • Assess Current Features: Before upgrading your subscription, review your current plan to see if the feature you need is already available or can be unlocked with your current subscription or a lower tier.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

  • Apple & Google Pay Gift Cards: Look for discounted digital gift cards for Apple and Google Play. Purchasing these cards at a lower price than their face value can help you save on your PandaDoc subscription.

Explore Alternative Solutions

If PandaDoc’s pricing is still prohibitive, consider exploring these alternative document management solutions:

  1. DocuSign: A popular electronic signature solution offering secure document signing and workflow automation features.
  2. HelloSign: An intuitive electronic signature platform with features for document signing, tracking, and management.
  3. SignNow: An easy-to-use e-signature solution with advanced features for document collaboration, signing, and tracking.

Evaluate these alternatives based on your specific document management needs and budget to find the best solution for your business. By implementing these strategies and exploring alternative solutions, you can effectively reduce your PandaDoc subscription cost while still meeting your document management requirements.