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Pilot.com: Tailored financial services for high-growth startups. Specializing in bookkeeping, tax prep, and CFO guidance, Pilot.com ensures accuracy, efficiency, and strategic insights to fuel startup success. Ideal for tech, e-commerce, consumer brands, and venture-backed firms. Partner with Pilot.com for financial excellence.


What is Pilot?

Pilot offers comprehensive bookkeeping, tax preparation, and CFO services tailored specifically for high-growth startups. With a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and strategic financial guidance, Pilot.com enables startups to streamline their financial operations and make informed decisions to fuel their growth.

Why Use Pilot?

In the realm of financial management and strategic guidance, Pilot excels by:

  1. Expertise and Specialization: Pilot specializes in serving high-growth startups, understanding their unique financial needs and challenges, and providing expert bookkeeping, tax preparation, and CFO services tailored to their specific requirements.
  2. Accuracy and Compliance: Pilot ensures accurate and compliant financial reporting, tax filings, and regulatory compliance, giving startups peace of mind and confidence in their financial operations.
  3. Efficiency and Automation: Leveraging advanced technology and automation tools, Pilot streamlines repetitive tasks and processes, saving startups time and resources and allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and growth opportunities.
  4. Strategic Financial Guidance: In addition to bookkeeping and tax preparation, Pilot offers CFO services, providing startups with strategic financial guidance, insights, and analysis to optimize their financial performance and drive long-term success.

Who is Pilot.com For?

Pilot.com is ideal for high-growth startups across various industries, including:

  1. Tech Startups: Technology startups benefit from Pilot.com’s expertise in navigating the complexities of the tech industry, including revenue recognition, SaaS metrics, and investor reporting requirements.
  2. E-commerce Startups: E-commerce startups rely on Pilot.com to manage their financial operations, including inventory management, sales tax compliance, and financial forecasting, to support their growth and scalability.
  3. Consumer Brands: Consumer brands trust Pilot.com to handle their bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial strategy, allowing them to focus on building their brand, expanding their product lines, and reaching new markets.
  4. Venture-backed Startups: Venture-backed startups partner with Pilot.com to meet the financial reporting and compliance requirements of their investors and board members, ensuring transparency and accountability as they raise capital and grow their business.

Pilot offers specialized bookkeeping, tax preparation, and CFO services tailored specifically for high-growth startups, empowering them to streamline their financial operations, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions to fuel their growth and success. Whether you’re a tech startup, e-commerce brand, consumer company, or venture-backed firm, Pilot.com provides the expertise and support you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Partner with Pilot.com and take your startup to new heights of financial excellence.




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Pilot.com Basic Plan: CFO Services for High-Growth Startups


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6% Per Year

Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Bookeeping - Starter

Free Trial (Weeks)


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


  • Pre-Revenue Companies: Designed for pre-revenue companies that are just getting started.
  • Basic Bookkeeping: Includes basic bookkeeping services to manage financial records.
  • Limited Features: Offers essential features suitable for startups and small businesses.
  • Affordable Pricing: Competitive pricing tailored for companies in the early stages.

Bookeeping - Core

Free Trial (Weeks)


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


  • Streamlined Needs: Tailored for companies with streamlined accounting and bookkeeping needs.
  • Comprehensive Bookkeeping: Provides comprehensive bookkeeping services to manage financial records effectively.
  • Additional Features: Includes additional features beyond the Starter plan to support growing businesses.
  • Scalable: Flexible enough to accommodate the evolving needs of growing companies

Bookeeping - Plus



  • Customized Plan: Let Pilot tailor a plan to meet the unique needs of your business.
  • Bespoke Solutions: Offers customized accounting and bookkeeping solutions tailored to specific business requirements.
  • Advanced Features: Access to advanced features and functionalities based on the business’s individual needs.
  • Personalized Support: Dedicated support and assistance from Pilot’s team to ensure the plan meets your expectations.

Tax - Essentials

Free Trial (Weeks)


Yearly Price


  • Target Customers: Designed for unprofitable C corps with no foreign subsidiaries.
  • Requirement: Must be purchased with Pilot Bookkeeping.
  • Basic Bookkeeping: Includes essential bookkeeping services tailored for unprofitable companies.
  • Compliance: Ensures compliance with financial regulations for C corps.

Tax - Standard

Free Trial (Weeks)


Yearly Price


  • Target Customers: Tailored for profitable C corps, LLCs, S corps, or businesses with foreign subsidiaries.
  • Requirement: Must be purchased with Pilot Bookkeeping.
  • Advanced Bookkeeping: Offers comprehensive bookkeeping services suitable for profitable businesses.
  • Compliance: Ensures compliance with financial regulations for various business structures.

CFO Services - Basic

Free Trial (Weeks)


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


  • Service: Your CFO analyzes business performance and extracts key insights.
  • Strategic Analysis: Provides essential financial analysis to understand business performance.
  • Insights: Extracts key insights to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Financial Planning: Supports basic financial planning activities.

CFO Services - Essential

Free Trial (Weeks)


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


  • Service: Your CFO initiates strategic projects and becomes a catalyst for growth.
  • Strategic Initiatives: Leads strategic projects to drive business growth.
  • Data-Driven Strategies: Develops and implements data-driven strategies for business improvement.
  • Financial Leadership: Provides leadership in financial decision-making and planning.

CFO Services - Custom

Free Trial (Weeks)


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


  • Service: Your CFO becomes deeply integrated with your team to lead data-driven strategies.
  • Customized Approach: Tailors financial strategies and initiatives to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Strategic Partnership: Acts as a strategic partner, deeply integrated with your team to drive growth.
  • Holistic Financial Management: Provides comprehensive financial management and leadership to support business objectives.



Steps to Cancel Pilot Subscription. Canceling your Pilot.com subscription is a straightforward process. For detailed instructions, please refer to the official Pilot.com support page or contact their customer service for assistance: Pilot Subscription Cancellation Guide.

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Product FAQ

What is Pilot, and how does it support high-growth startups with bookkeeping, tax prep, and CFO services?

Pilot.com is a specialized financial services provider catering to high-growth startups. It offers comprehensive bookkeeping, tax preparation, and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services tailored to the unique needs of startup companies. Pilot.com helps startups manage their finances efficiently, maintain compliance with tax regulations, and make informed financial decisions to fuel growth.

How can high-growth startups benefit from using Pilot.com's services?

High-growth startups can benefit from Pilot.com’s services in several ways:

  1. Expertise: Access to experienced professionals who specialize in startup finances and understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by high-growth companies.
  2. Efficiency: Streamlined bookkeeping processes and proactive tax planning help startups save time and resources.
  3. Accuracy: Ensuring financial records are accurate and up-to-date, providing a clear picture of the company’s financial health.
  4. Strategic Guidance: CFO services offer strategic financial insights and guidance to support informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

How does Pilot.com's bookkeeping service help startups stay organized and compliant?

  • Recording Transactions: Capturing and categorizing financial transactions accurately and efficiently.
  • Reconciling Accounts: Reconciling bank accounts and other financial statements to ensure accuracy.
  • Generating Reports: Producing detailed financial reports and statements for internal use and compliance purposes.
  • Maintaining Compliance: Staying up-to-date with tax regulations and compliance requirements to avoid penalties and fines.

What sets Pilot.com's tax preparation service apart for high-growth startups?

  • Proactive Planning: Identifying tax-saving opportunities and strategies to minimize tax liabilities.
  • Compliance Expertise: Ensuring compliance with complex tax laws and regulations specific to startups and high-growth companies.
  • Year-Round Support: Providing ongoing support and guidance, not just during tax season, to address tax-related concerns and questions.
  • Audit Support: Assisting startups in the event of a tax audit, providing peace of mind and expert representation.

How can Pilot.com's CFO services help high-growth startups navigate financial challenges and opportunities?

  • Financial Strategy: Developing and implementing financial strategies aligned with the company’s growth objectives.
  • Forecasting and Planning: Conducting financial forecasting and scenario planning to anticipate and prepare for future opportunities and challenges.
  • Investor Relations: Providing support in fundraising efforts and investor relations to fuel growth and expansion.
  • Performance Monitoring: Monitoring financial performance and KPIs to track progress towards strategic goals and objectives.

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