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Downgrade and save at least $60 per year with Twitch

How much can customers reduce their spend with Twitch?

$60 per Year with Downgrading

How to Reduce Subscription Costs for Twitch

1. Downgrade to a lower tier

Consider downgrading your Twitch subscription to a lower tier if you’re not utilizing all the features of your current plan. Many streaming platforms offer tiered subscription options with varying levels of benefits and costs. Assess your viewing habits and needs to determine if a lower tier subscription would still provide access to the content you enjoy while reducing your monthly expenses. It can save you at least $5 per month or $60 per year.

2. Trick to Buy Bits on Web/PC:

Purchase Bits, Twitch’s currency, through the web version or PC rather than using the mobile version. This platform choice often offers better value for your money, providing more Bits for the same amount spent. Maximizing your Bits purchasing power can help you make the most of your Twitch budget.

3. Streamer Tip: Use Bots Instead of Extensions:

Streamer can optimize their channel without incurring additional costs by utilizing bots instead of extensions. Bots offer various functionalities such as chat moderation, command management, and viewer engagement, all without the added expense that some extensions may bring. This allows streamers to enhance their channels while maintaining budget efficiency.

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4. Switch to Twitch Alternatives:

If Twitch’s costs are still a concern, explore alternative streaming platforms that offer similar content at potentially lower prices. Investigate platforms like YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, or Trovo, which may provide competitive features and subscription models tailored to different budget needs. By considering alternatives, you can continue enjoying live streaming content while potentially reducing your expenses on Twitch.