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WorkMagic is an AI-powered autonomous marketing platform revolutionizing e-commerce growth. It offers AI image generation, copy creation, marketing automation, attribution analysis, and a unique Marketing Copilot for streamlined and data-driven marketing strategies. Ideal for e-commerce business owners, marketing teams, and online retailers.

How to Cancel WorkMagic

Canceling your WorkMagic subscription is a straightforward process. Follow these three simple steps to efficiently cancel your subscribed plan.

Steps to Cancel

  • Access Your Account:
    • Log in to your WorkMagic account.
  • Navigate to Subscription Plan:
    • Within your account, locate and click the “cancel” button under the Subscription plan.
  • Confirm Cancellation in Billing Page:
    • Follow the prompts to confirm your cancellation on the billing page.


If you encounter issues:

  • Ensure your account is in good standing with no unresolved payment issues.
  • Once any issues are resolved, revisit the steps above to proceed with the cancellation.

We appreciate your understanding and hope this guide simplifies the WorkMagic subscription cancellation process. If you have further questions, please refer to the WorkMagic support resources.

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