Get Organized with AppFlowy: Free Plan for Easy Life Organization
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AppFlowy is an open-source, customizable workspace to manage tasks, notes, documents, and projects while owning your data, enabling productivity, collaboration, and innovation through extensive features, plugins, community support, and cross-platform accessibility.

Start Organizing Your Life with AppFlowy: Free Plan Available! - Get the most out of AppFlowy

How much can customers save with AppFlowy deal?

Free Usage for Community

How to Claim:

  1. Access the AppFlowy Website: Visit AppFlowy to explore its features and capabilities.
  2. Sign Up for Free: Click on the "Get started for free" button to create an account and access the platform.
  3. Explore Open Source Features: Familiarize yourself with the open-source nature of AppFlowy, which allows for customization and extension through community-driven plugins, templates, and themes.
  4. Download AppFlowy: If you're interested in using AppFlowy on Windows, download the application from the provided link.
  5. Discover Mobile Apps: If you prefer to use AppFlowy on mobile devices, explore the options available for iOS and Android on the respective app stores.
  6. Customize Your Workspace: Take advantage of AppFlowy's customization options, such as themes, colors, fonts, and switching between dark and light themes.
  7. Utilize Rich-Text Editor: Experience the full power of AI within AppFlowy's rich-text editor, where you can go beyond text and bullet points.
  8. Ensure Data Control: AppFlowy prioritizes data privacy by allowing users to choose whether their data is sent to AI service providers. Opt for end-to-end encryption for added security.
  9. Host AppFlowy Locally: For complete control over your data, consider hosting AppFlowy on your own servers to avoid vendor lock-in.
  10. Join the Community: Engage with the vibrant AppFlowy community by becoming a member, contributing to the development of plugins, templates, and more, or exploring the developer documentation for advanced customization options.

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