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Baserow is an open-source database blending the intuitive layout of spreadsheets with the flexibility of relational databases to visually organize, manage, and visualize data without coding complexity - it empowers individuals, teams, and businesses to unlock the power of structured information.

Baserow: Open-Source No-Code Database Tool & Airtable Alternative - Get the most out of Baserow

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Free Usage for Community

How to Use:

Step 1: Installation Baserow can be easily installed using various methods:
  • Docker: Use the command docker run -v baserow_data:/baserow/data -p 80:80 -p 443:443 baserow/baserow:1.22.3.
  • Ubuntu: Follow installation instructions for Ubuntu.
  • Docker Compose: Set up Baserow using Docker Compose.
  • Heroku, Render, Digital Ocean, Cloudron, Railway, Elestio: Install and scale up Baserow on these platforms easily.
Step 2: Accessing Documentation and Development Environment Step 3: Plugin Development
  • Baserow supports plugin development due to its modular architecture.
  • Create custom plugins for fields, views, applications, pages, or endpoints using the provided plugin boilerplate.
  • Detailed instructions and resources can be found in the plugin introduction and plugin boilerplate documentation.
Step 4: Community Engagement and Support
  • Get involved with the Baserow community by joining the forum at
  • Learn how to contribute to Baserow by reading the file.
  • Consider becoming a sponsor to support faster development and receive new features.
Step 5: Meta Information
  • Baserow is created by Baserow B.V. and distributed under the MIT license.
  • Check the official repository at for updates and contributions.

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