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Boost Note is a developer-friendly, markdown-based note-taking platform offering hierarchical organization, code snippet integration, offline accessibility, and cross-platform compatibility to streamline documentation, planning, and creativity for programmers, writers, students, and markdown fans.

Boost Note: Free Document-Driven Project Management Tool for Remote DevOps Teams - Get the most out of Boost Note

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How to Use:

Step 1: Set Up Mock Backend Mode
  • Create a .env file in the project directory.
  • Add the following configurations:
    NODE_ENV=development MOCK_BACKEND=true
Step 2: Running the App
  • Run webpack processors in separate terminals using the following commands:
    npm run dev:cloud npm run dev:electron (optional, for electron app) npm run dev:webpack
Step 3: Extending Mock Backend
  • In mock backend mode, all API calls are handled by src/cloud/api/mock/mockHandler.ts.
  • To add custom routes, follow this format:
    { "method": "get", "pathname": "api/something", "handler": ({ search }): GetSomethingResponse => { return { ...something } } }
    Replace method, pathname, and handler with your desired configurations.
Step 4: Scripts
  • Development Scripts:
    • npm run dev:cloud: Run webpack for the cloud space.
    • npm run dev:webpack: Run webpack for the desktop app main window renderer.
    • npm run dev:electron: Run webpack for the desktop app main processor.
    • npm run dev:mobile: Run webpack for the mobile app.
    • npm run lint: Check lint errors.
    • npm run format: Attempt to fix lint errors automatically.
    • npm test: Run test script.
    • npm run tsc: Check type errors.
  • Build Scripts:
    • npm run build:electron-production: Build assets for the desktop app.
    • npm run build:cloud-production: Build assets for the cloud space.
    • npm run build:mobile-production: Build assets for the mobile app.
  • Additional Scripts:
    • npm start: Run the desktop app with prebuilt assets.
    • npm run meta: Prepare metadata for desktop app building.
    • npm run prepack: Create desktop app installers without signing.
    • npm run release: Create desktop app installers for production and upload them to GitHub.
Boost Note offers a comprehensive document-driven project management solution for remote DevOps teams, facilitating real-time collaboration and efficient workflow management.

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