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Boost Note is a developer-friendly, markdown-based note-taking platform offering hierarchical organization, code snippet integration, offline accessibility, and cross-platform compatibility to streamline documentation, planning, and creativity for programmers, writers, students, and markdown fans.


What is Boostnote?

Tired of clunky note-taking apps that stifle your creativity? Boostnote offers a powerful, markdown-based platform designed specifically for programmers and code-savvy individuals. Streamline your note-taking and code organization with a seamless blend of intuitive features and developer-friendly functionalities.

Why Choose Boostnote?

Take your note-taking experience to the next level with Boostnote’s unique advantages:

  • Markdown Magic: Leverage the power and simplicity of markdown to format your notes, code snippets, and documents with ease. Create clear, structured notes without getting bogged down by unnecessary formatting tools.
  • Focused Coding Environment: Enjoy a distraction-free workspace optimized for writing code. Syntax highlighting, code folding, and integrated debugging tools elevate your coding experience within your notes.
  • Powerful Organization: Organize your notes with ease using hierarchical folders, tags, and powerful search features. Find what you need instantly, regardless of the size of your note library.
  • Offline Accessibility: Work seamlessly even without an internet connection. Boost Note functions flawlessly offline, ensuring your notes are always accessible, wherever you are.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Access your notes across all your devices. Boost Note is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, keeping you connected to your information regardless of the platform you use.

Who is Boostnote For?

Boostnote is ideal for:

  • Programmers and Developers: Organize your code snippets, document technical notes, and plan projects directly within a familiar markdown environment.
  • Technical Writers and Researchers: Take detailed notes with code integration, manage research materials, and draft technical documents efficiently.
  • Students and Learners: Create clear and structured study notes, incorporate code examples, and organize learning materials for easy reference.
  • Anyone who loves Markdown: Enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of markdown for all your note-taking needs, code or not.

Boost Note is more than just a note-taking app; it’s a tailored workspace for code-savvy individuals and anyone who thrives on organizational freedom. With its focus on markdown, seamless code integration, and cross-platform accessibility, Boost Note empowers you to capture your thoughts, ideas, and code snippets in a way that works for you.



Boost Note

Open Source
Free Usage for Community
Boost Note: Free Document-Driven Project Management Tool for Remote DevOps Teams

Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Open Source



  • Open Source: Check it on Github
  • Team Velocity: Elevate development speed with a document-centric workflow.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Edit documents collaboratively in real-time with teammates.
  • Powerful Markdown Editor: Create tech specs effortlessly with Boost Note’s editor.
  • Multi Views for Flexibility: Kanban, Table, Calendar views for diverse workflows.
  • Customizable Properties: Tailor docs with status, assignees, reviewers, due dates, etc.
  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: Collaborate seamlessly across web, desktop, and mobile.
  • Developer Workspace: Tailored workspace with a developer-friendly approach.

Standard Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Unlimited Documents: Create an unrestricted number of documents.
  • Unlimited Dashboards: Design limitless dashboards for your workflow.
  • Version History (7 days): Access and revert changes with a 7-day history.
  • PDF Exporting: Generate PDFs for seamless document sharing.
  • Storage Allocation (1GB/member): Enjoy 1GB of storage per team member.
  • File Upload Limit (200MB): Easily upload files up to 200MB each.
  • Support Boost Note Team: Contribute to and receive support from Boost Note.

Pro Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Unlimited Version History: Access an extensive history of document versions.
  • Private Folder: Secure your documents with a private folder.
  • Storage Allocation: Expand storage with 10GB per team member.
  • Advanced Public Sharing: Enhance sharing capabilities with advanced options.
  • Priority Support: Receive priority assistance for quick issue resolution.
  • Full Access to All Features: Unlock complete access to Boost Note’s feature set.
  • Support Boost Note Team: Contribute to and benefit from ongoing Boost Note support.



Steps to Terminate Boost Note Subscription.

Ceasing your Boost Note subscription is an uncomplicated procedure that can be accomplished effortlessly. For in-depth guidance, please view this page.

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Product FAQ

Is Boost Note free to use and what are the paid features?

Boost Note offers a free plan with basic features like note-taking, markdown support, and organization. Paid plans add features like collaboration, version control, mobile app access, and larger storage limits.

How does Boost Note benefit developers compared to other note-taking apps?

Boost Note offers features specifically geared towards developers, such as code syntax highlighting, code snippet management, keyboard shortcuts for code editing, and integrations with Git and project management tools.

Is Boost Note secure for collaborative note-taking?

Boost Note uses industry-standard encryption and access control to ensure the security of your data. Paid plans offer additional security features like team management and data loss prevention.

Can I use Boost Note offline and sync notes across devices?

The desktop app allows for offline use and automatic syncing between devices once you connect to the internet. Mobile apps currently require an internet connection but may offer offline features in the future.

What are some alternative note-taking apps similar to Boost Note?

Popular alternatives include Obsidian, Logseq, Notion, and Evernote. Each offers unique features and might cater to different needs.

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