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How to Cancel Chainalysis Subscription

Thinking of discontinuing your Chainalysis subscription? This guide outlines a clear-cut process to cancel your service and ensure the deletion of your associated data.


The MSA outlines the termination process in Section 5.2:

  • Termination for Cause: Either party (you or Chainalysis) can terminate the agreement for a material breach that is not cured within 30 days of written notice.
  • Termination by Chainalysis: Chainalysis can also terminate if its legal counsel determines providing the services would violate laws or regulations. In this case, they will try to give you as much notice as possible and provide a refund for any unused portion of the prepaid fees.

Important Notes:

  • No Early Termination: The MSA generally does not allow for early termination by either party.
  • Automatic Renewal: Orders automatically renew for successive 12-month periods unless written notice of non-renewal is provided by either party at least 30 days before the current term expires.
  • Fees After Termination: If you terminate without cause or Chainalysis terminates with cause, you will not be entitled to a refund, and Chainalysis may require immediate payment of any remaining fees for the entire term.
  • Data Deletion: Upon termination, you must immediately stop using the services, delete all Chainalysis Data, and certify the deletion in writing to Chainalysis.

Steps to Cancel:

  1. Review your Order Term: Check your Order or invoice to determine the current term end date.

  2. Send Termination Notice: If you decide to terminate before the next renewal, ensure you send written notice of non-renewal to Chainalysis at least 30 days before the current term ends.

Key Points:

  • There is no direct cancellation option within the service itself.
  • Termination requires written notice within the specified timeframe.
  • Early termination may result in financial penalties.

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