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Discourse is an open-source forum and discussion platform with a modern interface, real-time interaction, and gamification features. Tailored for community managers, administrators, and diverse online communities, it promotes engaging and collaborative discussions through customization and user-friendly features.

Discourse: The Ultimate Open Source Community Platform for Powerful Online Discussions - Get the most out of Discourse

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Free Usage for Community

How to Use:

Step 1: Development Environment Setup
  • Depending on your operating system, follow the respective development guide provided:
    • macOS: Follow the macOS development guide.
    • Ubuntu: Follow the Ubuntu development guide.
    • Windows 10: Follow the Windows 10 development guide.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer a Docker-based install, try the Docker development guide.
  • Ensure you have the minimum required versions installed: Ruby 3.2+, PostgreSQL 13, Redis 7.
Step 2: Setting up Discourse
  • If you're setting up Discourse for production use, refer to the Discourse Install Guide.
  • For official hosting options, visit discourse.org/pricing.
Step 3: Requirements
  • Discourse has high requirements to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.
  • It supports the latest stable releases of major browsers across various platforms.
  • Make sure your environment meets the requirements specified, including browser support.
Step 4: Contributing
  • Discourse is 100% free and open source, encouraging contributions from the community.
  • Before contributing, read the mission statements on discourse.org and sign the Electronic Discourse Forums Contribution License Agreement.
  • Review CONTRIBUTING.MD for guidelines on submitting bugs, requesting features, preparing code for pull requests, etc.
  • Collaborate with mutual respect and refer to the list of ideas if you're unsure what to work on.
Step 5: Customization and Usage
  • Once Discourse is set up, explore its features for building and managing online communities.
  • Utilize the provided documentation and community support for customization and troubleshooting.
  • Take advantage of the endless customization options, moderation tools, and AI-powered features to create a thriving community platform.
Step 6: Community Building
  • Discourse makes it easy to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere.
  • Build and grow your community with features tailored to various use cases, from product feedback tracking to long-form discussions.
  • Foster meaningful connections among members with integrated chat threads and powerful moderation tools.
  • Benefit from unlimited conversation history and full ownership of your data, ensuring transparency and portability.
Step 7: Managed Forum Hosting
  • If you prefer managed forum hosting, consider Discourse's hosting plans starting from $50/month.
  • Start a free trial to experience the benefits of Discourse's open-source forum software.
  • Alternatively, explore GitHub installation options for self-hosting from the repository.

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