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Documenso, an open-source document signing platform, enhances the signing experience with speed, a beautiful interface, and smart templates. Ideal for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and developers, Documenso offers a customizable solution for efficient document management and signing processes.

Documenso: The Open Source Document Signing Solution for Transparent and Trustworthy Signatures - Get the most out of Documenso

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How to Use:

Step 1: Set Up Local Development Environment
  • Ensure you have Node.js and a Postgres SQL database installed on your machine.
  • Optionally, install Docker for a simplified setup.
Step 2: Fork and Clone the Repository
  • Fork the Documenso repository to your GitHub account.
  • Clone the repository to your local device using the command:
git clone<your-username>/documenso
Step 3: Configure Environment Variables
  • Set up your .env file based on the recommendations in the .env.example file provided.
  • Alternatively, run cp .env.example .env to start with default settings.
Step 4: Install Dependencies
  • Run npm i in the root directory to install project dependencies.
Step 5: Database Setup
  • Create the database schema by running:
npm run prisma:migrate-dev
Step 6: Start the Development Server
  • Run npm run dev in the root directory to start the development server.
Step 7: Register a New User Optional Steps:
  • Seed the database with test data using:
npm run prisma:seed -w @documenso/prisma
  • Create your own signing certificate following the provided instructions.
Additional Deployment Methods:
  • Docker: Docker containers and images are currently in progress. Stay updated for a simple Docker build and publish pipeline.
  • Self Hosting: Various deployment methods are supported, including fetching, configuring, and building the application. Detailed instructions are provided in the documentation.
Note: For production deployment, ensure to configure environment variables, set up SSL certificates, and follow security best practices.

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