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Focalboard is an open-source project management platform with a kanban interface to visually organize tasks, facilitate collaboration, boost productivity, prioritize security, and harness community contributions.

Focalboard: Open Source Project Management for Technical Teams - Get the most out of Focalboard

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Free Usage for Community

How to Use:

Step 1: Install Prerequisites
  • All Platforms:
    • Ensure you have Git, Go, Node.js (v10+), and npm installed on your system.
  • Windows:
    • Install MinGW-w64 via Chocolatey.
    • Install Git for Windows and use the git-bash terminal shell.
  • Mac:
    • Install Xcode (v12+).
    • Install the Xcode Command Line Tools via xcode-select --install.
  • Linux:
    • Run the following commands to install necessary dependencies:
      sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev sudo apt-get install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev sudo apt-get install autoconf dh-autoreconf
Step 2: Fork the Project Repositories Fork both the Focalboard GitHub repository and Mattermost GitHub repository. Clone both repositories locally in sibling directories. Step 3: Build via the Terminal
  • To build the server, run the following commands:
    make prebuild make
  • To run the server, execute:
  • Access your Focalboard server by navigating your browser to http://localhost:8000.
Step 4: Build and Run Standalone Desktop Apps
  • Follow platform-specific instructions for building standalone apps:
    • Windows:
      • Open a git-bash prompt.
      • Run make prebuild and then make win-wpf-app.
    • Mac:
      • Run make prebuild and then make mac-app.
    • Linux:
      • Install webgtk dependencies.
      • Run make prebuild and then make linux-app.
Step 5: Docker
  • To run locally using the official image:
    docker run -it -p 80:8000 mattermost/focalboard
  • To build for your current architecture:
    docker build -f docker/Dockerfile .
  • For custom architecture (experimental):
    docker build -f docker/Dockerfile --platform linux/arm64 .
Step 6: Set up VS Code
  • Open a VS Code terminal window in the project folder.
  • Run make prebuild to install packages.
  • Run cd webapp && npm run watchdev to automatically rebuild the web app.
  • Install the Go and ESLint VS Code extensions (if not already installed).
  • Launch the server using platform-specific key combinations.
Step 7: Rebuild Translations
  • Run npm run i18n-extract in webapp to rebuild translations.
Step 8: Unit Tests
  • Run make ci to execute server unit tests, ESLint, and web app unit tests.
Step 9: Staying Informed
  • Refer to the CHANGELOG for updates.
  • Join GitHub Discussions, file bug reports, or join the Focalboard community channel for support and discussions.
By following these steps, you can effectively set up and utilize Focalboard for project management and collaboration within your technical teams.

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Free Usage for Community
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