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GrowthBook is an open-source platform streamlining software deployment, enabling A/B testing, and fostering data-driven decisions. Ideal for developers, data teams, and product teams, it offers adaptability and efficiency in software development. Explore GrowthBook for enhanced development processes.

GrowthBook: Feature Flagging and Experimentation Platform for Stress-Free Deployments - Get the most out of GrowthBook

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How to Use:

  • GrowthBook consists of a NextJS front-end, an ExpressJS API, and a Python stats engine bundled together in a single Docker Image.
  • Additionally, a MongoDB instance is required to store login credentials, cached experiment results, and metadata.
  • Users can use docker-compose to quickly set up GrowthBook:
    • Create a docker-compose.yml file with configurations for MongoDB and GrowthBook.
    • Run docker-compose up -d to start everything and access the app at http://localhost:3000.
  • For production, scalable, and stable solutions like AWS DocumentDB, Google Cloud MongoDB Atlas, or Azure Cosmos DB for Mongo are recommended.
Ready to Get Started: Users can create a free account to begin using GrowthBook or schedule a meeting to determine if GrowthBook is suitable for their team. This information provides a comprehensive guide on how to use GrowthBook as an open-source feature flagging and experimentation platform, including installation instructions, features, benefits, and getting started steps.

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