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ILLA Cloud

Illa Cloud revolutionizes app development with a low-code approach, empowering users to create intelligent, data-driven applications effortlessly. Its AI integration, automated workflows, and data connectivity cater to developers, business analysts, and data professionals. Start innovating with Illa Cloud.

ILLA Cloud: Build Business Apps with Low-Code Efficiency - Get the most out of ILLA Cloud

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Free Usage for Community

How to Use:

  • To try ILLA, the most convenient way is to sign up and log in to ILLA Cloud.
  • Alternatively, users can deploy and self-host ILLA utils manually using Docker, docker-compose, and Kubernetes.
Building Your Tool:
  • Step 1: Connect to your database.
  • Step 2: Build UI with built-in components:
    • Drag components to the canvas to build UI quickly.
    • Dozens of components including charts, tables, and forms are available.
  • Step 3: Connect to your data:
    • Connect to MySQL or REST API through GUI data connectors.
    • More than 10 databases and APIs will be added soon.
  • Step 4: Deploy your app:
    • Deploy your app and self-host it.
Community and Contributing:
  • Join the ILLA Community to share ideas, suggestions, or questions.
  • Contributions to ILLA are welcomed. Check out the Contribution Guide for details.
  • Translations are appreciated; see the official translation page for details.
  • ILLA is actively hiring engineers for Frontend and Golang positions.
User Testimonials:
  • Users share their experiences with ILLA Cloud, highlighting its benefits for content generation, customer support, email writing, business management, and dashboard creation.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Provides answers to common queries about the kind of content that can be built, who can use ILLA Cloud, its benefits, customization of the AI Agent, supported data sources, and availability of technical support.
Start Building Apps with ILLA Cloud:
  • Users can try ILLA Cloud for free and sign in with GitHub.
  • Components, integrations, solutions, and company information are provided for further exploration.

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