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Inlang simplifies software localization with a developer-friendly approach, integrating seamlessly into workflows. Offering collaborative translation, contextual visualization, and automation, it caters to developers, translators, and project managers for efficient global software accessibility.

Inlang: Build Multilingual Apps Easily with Inlang SDK - Get the most out of Inlang

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How to Use:

  1. Open Repository:
    • Open a repository locally or with lix, which allows you to use git-based features directly in the browser.
  2. Open Project:
    • After opening the repository, locate the *.inlang directory in the root. Read the file to load the project configuration into your app.
  3. Use the APIs from the SDK:
    • Utilize the inlang SDK's APIs for working with inlang, which provide all necessary functionalities.
  4. Configure Your App:
    • In your app's marketplace-manifest.json file, define the following information:
      • Unique identifier (id) for your app.
      • Link to the app's icon (icon).
      • Optional gallery with the cover image (gallery).
      • User-friendly display name (displayName).
      • Brief description of the app (description).
      • Link to README documentation (readme).
      • Keywords describing the app (keywords).
      • Publisher's name (publisherName).
      • Link to publisher's icon or avatar (publisherIcon).
      • License under which the app is distributed (license).
      • Link to the app's website (website) (optional).
  5. Publish Your App:
    • Follow the instructions in the "Publish on marketplace" section to make your app available in the marketplace.
Additional Information:
  • Developers are encouraged to join the Discord community for assistance with developing and publishing their apps.
  • inlang offers tailored localization apps for various use cases, powered by a single source of truth in the repository under change control.
  • The inlang ecosystem includes popular apps like Paraglide JS, Fink - Localization Editor, IDE Extension for i18n, and CLI - Translation Automation.
  • Different apps cater to developers, translators, and designers, providing comprehensive support for various use cases and stack-based tooling.
  • All apps within the inlang ecosystem work together seamlessly, ensuring control over translation data and facilitating collaboration and traceability.

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