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Lago, the open-source billing platform, liberates businesses with modular architecture, plug-and-play metering, out-of-the-box billing, full control, and transparency. Ideal for startups, enterprises, and developers, it revolutionizes metering and billing, offering flexibility and growth opportunities.

Lago: Open Source Metering & Usage-Based Billing – Alternative to Stripe Billing and Chargebee - Get the most out of Lago

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How to Use:

1. Fulfill Requirements:
  • Install Docker on your machine.
  • Ensure Docker Compose is installed and available (usually included if Docker is installed via Docker Desktop).
  • Make sure Git is installed on your machine.
2. Obtain Lago Source Code:
  • Clone the Lago repository from GitHub using the command:
    git clone
3. Configure Environment:
  • Navigate to the Lago folder:
    cd lago
  • Set up environment configuration by generating an RSA private key:
    echo "LAGO_RSA_PRIVATE_KEY=\""`openssl genrsa 2048 | base64`\"""" >> .env source .env
4. Start Lago:
  • Launch Lago using Docker Compose:
    docker-compose up
5. Access Lago Application:
  • Once the containers are up and running, open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost to access the Lago application.
6. Find Your API Key:
  • Access the Developer section from the sidebar of the Lago application.
  • Navigate to the API keys tab to find your API key. Click the Copy button to copy it to the clipboard for use in API requests.
7. Analytics and Tracking (Optional):
  • By default, Lago tracks basic actions performed on your self-hosted instance. If you wish to disable tracking or learn more about Lago's analytics, refer to the provided link.
Additional Information:
  • Lago is an open-source alternative to Stripe Billing and Chargebee, offering a programmable API for usage-based billing.
  • It addresses the challenges of traditional billing systems by providing event-based billing, product-led growth compatibility, hybrid pricing models, and composable architecture.
  • Features of Lago include usage metering, flexible price plans, coupon management, invoicing, prepaid credits, and more.
  • Lago is available both as a self-hosted solution and as a cloud-based product. Self-hosted deployment provides full control and customization options.
  • The project is actively developed, with frequent updates and new features being released. Contributions from the community are encouraged and welcomed via GitHub.

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