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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a B2B social selling tool, provides advanced prospect insights, search filters, lead recommendations, and multi-channel engagement. Ideal for sales professionals to efficiently generate leads, build relationships, and drive predictable revenue growth.

Unlock Premium Networking with LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Get a 1-Month Free Trial! - Get the most out of Linkedin Sales Navigator

How much can customers save with Linkedin Sales Navigator deal?

30-Day Free Trial

How to Claim:

  1. Visit the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Website: Go to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator website using the provided link: LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  2. Start Free Trial: On the homepage or pricing section, look for the option to start a free trial.
  3. Select Core Plan: Choose the Sales Navigator Core plan, which is typically the default option for the trial.
  4. Sign In or Sign Up: If you're an existing LinkedIn member, sign in with your credentials. If not, sign up for a LinkedIn account.
  5. Provide Payment Information (if required): Depending on the trial terms, you may need to provide payment information to start the trial. However, you won't be charged during the trial period.
  6. Complete Registration: Fill out any required information to register for the trial, such as your name, email address, and company details.
  7. Access Premium Features: Once registered, you'll gain access to the premium features of Sales Navigator Core, including enhanced search filters, advanced lead recommendations, and increased connectivity with decision-makers.
  8. Explore Tools: Take advantage of the tools available in Sales Navigator Core to improve your networking and sales efforts on LinkedIn, such as lead recommendations, real-time insights, and InMail messaging.
  9. Cancel Trial (if not interested): If you decide Sales Navigator isn't right for you, make sure to cancel your trial before the end of the trial period to avoid any charges.

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