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Elevate Your Campaigns: Cost-Efficiency and Transparency for Your Marketing Tools and Solutions. Discover all marketing tool pricing in one location. Whether you’re a marketing specialist, independent contractor, or part of a small marketing team, Subscribed.FYI is your portal to crafting impactful marketing campaigns with cost-effectiveness and transparency, ensuring the best tools are accessible to you.




Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool that acts as a detective for your website, offering insights into rankings, keywords, backlinks, and more. With features like keyword research, site audit, and…

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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: Free Limited Access to Boost Your Website’s SEO!
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Semrush is an all-in-one online visibility management and content marketing platform. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, competitor research, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and…

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Semrush Plans: Enjoy a 7-Day Free Trial!
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Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg helps you visualize user behavior. Analyze website engagement with heatmaps, recordings, and A/B testing. Optimize design and content for better conversions. Unlock insights to enhance online performance. Key…

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Crazy Egg’s Free Month to Understand Site Traffic Better
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Lemlist is an all-in-one cold outreach tool designed for effective email engagement, featuring an integrated lead database, AI-driven campaign generation, and multichannel outreach capabilities. With advanced features such as email…

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Lemlist: 14-Day Free Trial with 100 Free Leads
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Linktree transforms your online presence! Unite all your digital spaces into one sleek, customizable interface. Perfect for creators and brands, it’s the ultimate content-sharing game-changer on platforms like Instagram. Key…

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Linktree Pro: Get 1 Month Free Upgrade
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Presspool AI

Presspool AI transforms email marketing with AI-driven audience targeting, automated campaigns, real-time analytics, and content refinement. Perfect for marketers seeking impactful, data-driven newsletters, fostering engagement, and optimizing strategies for success….

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Presspool AI Exclusive: Free Membership for Creators!
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