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Metriql, a revolutionary data analysis platform, centralizes metric definitions, streamlines workflows, and fosters a data-driven culture. Offering consistency, real-time insights, and flexibility, it empowers organizations of all sizes to unlock the true potential of their data.


What is Metriql?

Forget the struggle of scattered metrics across multiple tools and inconsistent definitions hindering insights. Metriql isn’t just another data analysis platform; it’s a revolutionary approach that centralizes metric definitions across your entire data stack, ensuring clarity, consistency, and seamless analysis across your organization. Ditch the time-consuming data harmonization and conflicting interpretations – Metriql empowers you to unlock the true power of your data with a single source of truth for all your metrics.

Why Choose Metriql?

Frustrated with inconsistent metrics, limited visibility, and inefficient data workflows? Metriql offers a compelling solution:

  • Centralized Metric Definitions: Define metrics once and apply them consistently across all your BI tools, eliminating confusion and discrepancies.
  • Automated Data Sync: Connect seamlessly with your data sources, eliminating manual data ingestion and ensuring real-time insights.
  • Flexible Data Exploration: Explore data with ease using SQL or an intuitive visual interface, empowering both analysts and non-technical users.
  • Collaborative Insights: Share dashboards and reports securely, fostering data-driven decision making across teams.
  • Open-Source and Customizable: Gain complete control over your data and metrics with the transparency and flexibility of open-source technology.
  • Scalable and Performant: Handle complex datasets and growing data volumes with confidence, ensuring smooth operations and reliable insights.

Who is Metriql For?

Metriql empowers organizations of all sizes and industries:

  • Data Teams: Streamline workflows, automate tasks, and gain deeper insights with a centralized metric platform.
  • Business Analysts: Explore data intuitively, create compelling reports, and communicate insights effectively.
  • Product Managers: Make data-driven decisions, track key performance indicators, and optimize product performance.
  • Executives: Gain a holistic view of business performance, measure progress towards goals, and steer informed strategy.
  • Data-Driven Organizations: Foster a culture of data-driven decision making by making metrics accessible and understandable to all.

Metriql stands out as a game-changer in the data analysis landscape. Its commitment to centralized metric definitions, automated workflows, and open-source principles makes it an attractive choice for organizations seeking to break free from data silos, unlock the true potential of their data, and drive data-driven growth. Whether you’re a data-savvy analyst, a business leader seeking insights, or an organization embracing data-driven culture, Metriql empowers you to unify your metrics, democratize data access, and achieve your strategic goals with confidence.


Pricing and Features

Product Tier

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  • Headless BI: Utilize Metriql for company data analysis.
  • dbt Integration: Seamless integration with dbt for efficient data mapping.
  • Centralized Metric: Define metrics centrally for consistency.
  • Metric Consumption: Synchronize metrics across BI tools or use in Python.
  • Tool Stack Flexibility: Easily change or add BI tools.
  • Metric Sharing: Share metric definitions across the organization.
  • Query Optimization: Optimize query performance and reduce cost.


Product FAQ

Beyond basic data analysis, what unique value does Metriql offer?

Metriql transcends simple data dashboards and reports. Imagine a platform that centralizes your metrics and KPIs, making them accessible and consistent across all your BI tools. No more siloed definitions and inconsistent calculations. Metriql’s “metadata layer” ensures everyone uses the same metrics, regardless of the BI tool they prefer. This promotes data transparency, streamlines collaboration, and optimizes decision-making across the organization.

Seamless integration and future-proof architecture: Can Metriql adapt to my existing tech stack?

Metriql boasts seamless integration. Connect it to your data warehouses like Snowflake and Redshift, and then utilize its dbt integration for data transformation. Access your centralized metrics from your preferred BI tools like Looker, Tableau, and Power BI. Additionally, Metriql’s open-source nature ensures flexibility and avoids vendor lock-in, allowing you to adapt your tech stack as your needs evolve.

Performance and scalability: Can Metriql handle complex queries and large datasets?

Metriql prioritizes performance. Its architecture efficiently handles complex queries and large datasets, ensuring fast and reliable data access. Leverage pre-aggregation features and query optimization tools to further enhance performance. Additionally, Metriql scales effortlessly as your data volume grows, accommodating future expansion without compromising speed or reliability.

Development experience and customization: Can I tailor Metriql to my specific needs?

Metriql empowers customization. Utilize their CLI for command-line interactions and leverage their Python SDK for advanced automation and integrations. Additionally, explore pre-built templates and community-developed packages to extend functionality. Whether you’re a data analyst or developer, you have the tools to tailor Metriql to your unique workflows and reporting requirements.

Data lineage and auditability: How can I track data provenance and ensure data quality?

Metriql provides detailed data lineage information, allowing you to track how data flows through the platform and understand its origin and transformations. Utilize audit logs to track user activity and ensure data integrity and accountability. Additionally, explore features like data validation rules and automated testing to maintain data quality standards.

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