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Mixpanel is an advanced analytics platform that offers real-time data analysis, cross-platform tracking, actionable insights, and continuous improvement for businesses. It caters to product managers, marketers, developers, and business owners to drive innovation, optimization, and growth.


What is Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is an advanced analytics platform that aims to increase the rate of innovation for businesses. By providing real-time insights into user engagement, conversion, and retention across web, mobile, and smart devices, Mixpanel enables companies to make data-driven decisions to improve their products and overall business performance.

Why Use Mixpanel?

In the realm of analytics platforms, Mixpanel stands out for:

  1. Real-Time Data Analysis: Mixpanel offers real-time data analysis capabilities, allowing businesses to track user behavior and performance metrics instantly to make timely adjustments and optimizations.
  2. Cross-Platform Tracking: With the ability to analyze user interactions across various platforms, including web, mobile, and smart devices, Mixpanel provides a comprehensive view of user engagement and conversion paths.
  3. Actionable Insights: Mixpanel goes beyond basic analytics by providing actionable insights that help businesses understand why users engage with their products, enabling them to make informed decisions to drive growth.
  4. Continuous Improvement: By leveraging the data and insights provided by Mixpanel, businesses can continuously iterate and improve their products, leading to enhanced user experiences and increased customer satisfaction.

Who is Mixpanel For?

Mixpanel caters to a wide range of users, including:

  1. Product Managers: Product managers use Mixpanel to gain deep insights into user behavior and product performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to optimize features and drive product innovation.
  2. Marketers: Marketers leverage Mixpanel to track user engagement and conversion metrics, allowing them to create targeted campaigns and personalized experiences that resonate with their audience.
  3. Developers: Developers utilize Mixpanel to monitor app performance, track user interactions, and identify areas for improvement, helping them optimize the user experience and drive app growth.
  4. Business Owners: Business owners rely on Mixpanel to understand customer behavior, identify trends, and make strategic decisions that drive business growth and profitability.

Mixpanel empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights from their data, enabling them to innovate, optimize, and grow. Whether you’re a product manager, marketer, developer, or business owner, Mixpanel provides the tools and insights needed to drive success in today’s competitive landscape.




Marketing and Analytics
1 Year Free
Mixpanel Startup Program: First Year Free on Growth or Enterprise Plans

Pricing and Features

Product Tier


Free Trial (Weeks)




Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


  • Data Collection: Collect up to 25,000 data points per month.
  • Data Retention: Retain data for up to 90 days.
  • Basic Reports: Access basic analytics reports.
  • Mobile and Web Tracking: Track user behavior on mobile and web platforms.


Startups Free Trial

1 Year

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


  • Data Collection: Collect up to 500,000 data points per month.
  • Data Retention: Retain data for up to 365 days.
  • Advanced Reports: Access advanced analytics reports.
  • Custom Dashboards: Create custom dashboards for data visualization.
  • A/B Testing: Conduct A/B tests to optimize user experience.




  • Custom Data Limits: Custom data collection limits based on business needs.
  • Unlimited Data Retention: Retain data indefinitely.
  • Advanced Reports: Access advanced analytics reports.
  • Custom Dashboards: Create custom dashboards for data visualization.
  • A/B Testing: Conduct A/B tests to optimize user experience.
  • Dedicated Support: Receive dedicated support from Mixpanel experts.



Steps to Cancel Mixpanel Subscription.

Canceling your Mixpanel subscription is a straightforward process. You can follow a few simple steps to initiate the cancellation or explore options to switch to a different plan. For detailed instructions, refer to Mixpanel Cancellation Guide.

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Product FAQ

What is Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is a business analytics tool that helps companies track user interactions with their websites and mobile apps in real-time.

How does Mixpanel work?

Mixpanel uses event-based tracking to monitor user actions such as clicks, page views, and purchases. This data is then analyzed to provide insights into user behavior and trends.

What are the benefits of using Mixpanel?

Some of the benefits of using Mixpanel include the ability to understand user behavior, track key metrics, optimize marketing campaigns, and improve user engagement and retention.

Is Mixpanel easy to integrate with existing systems?

Yes, Mixpanel offers easy integration with popular platforms such as iOS, Android, and web applications. It also provides APIs and SDKs for custom integrations.

How secure is the data collected by Mixpanel?

Mixpanel takes data security and privacy seriously, implementing measures such as encryption, access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR. Users have control over their data and can set permissions for who can access it.

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