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MongoDB is a NoSQL database known for its flexible document-oriented model. It scales easily, offers high performance, and supports rich querying, making it ideal for modern web, mobile, CMS, analytics, and IoT applications.

How to Cancel MongoDB Subscription

This guide outlines the steps involved in effectively terminating your MongoDB Atlas subscription and deployments, ensuring a clear understanding of the process and potential consequences.

Subscription Termination:

While the provided information doesn’t explicitly mention directly cancelling a subscription, here’s what occurs when your subscription expires:

  • Automatic Payment: Any outstanding charges associated with your subscription will be automatically deducted from your configured payment method.
  • Support Plan Downgrade: Any support plan purchased along with your subscription will be downgraded.
  • Payment Method Requirement: If no payment method is linked to your organization, Atlas will prompt you to add one before processing billing changes. Declined payments may lead to account suspension.
  • Unpaid Charges: Upon activating a new subscription, Atlas will bill you for any unpaid charges from the previous subscription.
  • Deployment Termination: To avoid future charges, you must terminate all associated deployments.

Deployment Termination Methods:

MongoDB Atlas offers two primary methods for terminating deployments:

1. Atlas UI:

  • Access the “Database Deployments” page within your project.
  • Locate the desired cluster you wish to terminate.
  • Disable Termination Protection (if enabled): This safeguard prevents accidental deletion.
  • Click “Terminate” from the drop-down menu.
  • Optionally, choose to retain existing snapshots after termination.
  • Confirm the termination by entering the cluster name and clicking “Terminate.”

2. Atlas CLI:

  • Utilize the following command:
atlas deployments delete [deploymentName] [options]

Important Considerations:

  • Data Loss: Terminating a cluster leads to permanent deletion of its associated backup snapshots.
  • Public IP Address Retention: For clusters with a lifetime exceeding 12 hours, Atlas might reserve the public IP address for a specific timeframe. This IP address can be reassigned to a new cluster with the same name within that timeframe.
  • Local Deployments: The provided CLI command specifically addresses deleting local deployments.

Additional Notes:

  • It’s crucial to terminate deployments before your subscription expires to prevent ongoing charges.
  • Consider exporting your data before termination if necessary.
  • Contact your MongoDB Sales representative if you encounter subscription renewal delays.

By following these steps and understanding the potential consequences, you can effectively terminate your MongoDB Atlas subscription and deployments in a controlled manner.

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