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Motive offers connected vehicle solutions for businesses, providing real-time insights, safety features, and automation to enhance efficiency. Tailored for diverse industries, Motive drives profitability through data-driven decision-making and operational optimization.

How to Cancel Motive Subscription

Motive requires contacting their support team to cancel your subscription before the automatic renewal date. Here’s how to proceed:

Cancellation Method:

Motive does not offer a self-service cancellation option through their website. You must contact their support team directly.


  1. Choose Your Preferred Method: To cancel your subscription, simply send an email to [email protected] clearly stating your intention, or call Motive support at 855-434-3564.

  2. Provide Account Information: Include your account details (company name, email address associated with the account) for efficient processing.

  3. Request Confirmation: Ask for a confirmation email acknowledging your cancellation request to ensure a smooth process.


Due to the potential for automatic renewal and potential notice periods, it’s crucial to contact Motive support well before your renewal date to effectively cancel your subscription and avoid unwanted charges.

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