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Moveworks, an AI platform, boosts employee productivity by unifying enterprise systems. Offering natural language processing, enterprise integration, and trusted solutions, it supports IT teams, HR, customer support, and business leaders.

How to Cancel Moveworks Subscription

While Moveworks doesn’t offer a self-service cancellation option within their platform, terminating your subscription is achievable through contacting their support team. Here’s how:

Contacting Moveworks Support:

Moveworks provides multiple channels for contacting their support team to initiate subscription cancellation:

  1. Moveworks Portal: Access the Moveworks Portal by logging in to Click on the question mark icon in the top right corner and select “Support” to create a ticket.

  2. Control Center App: If you haven’t accessed the Moveworks Portal yet, utilize the Control Center app. Navigate to the “Help” section and utilize the “Support” button to create a ticket.

  3. Moveworks Customer Portal: For customers with access to the Moveworks Customer Portal (, log in and submit a ticket through the portal. If you lack access, contact your Moveworks Customer Success team to obtain it.

  4. Email Support: You can also email them through [email protected] .

Additional Considerations:

  • Contractual Terms: Your specific Moveworks subscription agreement might outline specific cancellation terms or potential fees associated with early termination.
  • Outstanding Balances: Ensure you have settled any outstanding balances before requesting cancellation to avoid complications.
  • Data Deletion: Moveworks’ data deletion policies are likely outlined within their terms of service. If you have concerns about data retention, clarify your preferences during the cancellation process.
  • Support Hours: Moveworks Support operates between 6am-6pm local customer time.

By following these steps and contacting Moveworks support through their preferred channels, you can effectively initiate the cancellation of your subscription and ensure a smooth termination process. Remember to carefully review your contract terms and address any outstanding balances beforehand.

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