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Omnisend is a powerful marketing automation platform designed for eCommerce. With features like email marketing, SMS, and automation workflows, it helps businesses create targeted campaigns and enhance customer engagement seamlessly.

How to Cancel Omnisend

Omnisend is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that empowers businesses to create targeted campaigns and boost customer engagement. However, there might come a time when you need to cancel your Omnisend subscription. In this guide, we’ll take you through the process step by step, ensuring a smooth cancellation experience.

Step 1: Log into Your Omnisend Account

To initiate the cancellation process, log in to your Omnisend account on their official website: Omnisend.

Step 2: Navigate to Account Settings

Once logged in, locate and click on your profile or account settings. This is usually found in the top-right corner of the Omnisend dashboard.

Step 3: Access Subscription Settings

Within the account settings, find and click on the “Subscription” or “Billing” tab. This will lead you to your subscription details.

Step 4: Review Subscription Information

Take a moment to review your current subscription plan, billing details, and any other relevant information. Ensure you’re canceling the correct subscription.

Step 5: Cancel Your Subscription

Look for the option to cancel your subscription; this is typically found at the bottom of the Subscription or Billing page. Click on the “Cancel” or “Cancel Subscription” button.

Step 6: Confirm Cancellation

Omnisend may ask you to confirm your decision to cancel your subscription. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the cancellation.

Step 7: Verify Cancellation

After confirmation, double-check your Subscription or Billing page to ensure your plan status now reflects the cancellation.

Canceling your Omnisend subscription is a straightforward process through your account settings. Should you have any questions or concerns, refer to Omnisend’s Support Center for additional assistance.


We trust that this step-by-step guide has provided clarity on canceling your Omnisend subscription. Remember, if you ever decide to re-subscribe or need further assistance, Omnisend’s support team is ready to help. Thank you for choosing Omnisend for your marketing automation needs!

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