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Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a marketing platform offering email marketing, automation, CRM, and sales automation, designed for personalized customer engagement and efficient business growth across various channels.

How to Cancel Active Campaign

Deciding to end your subscription with ActiveCampaign can be a significant decision, whether it’s due to a change in business strategy or seeking different solutions. ActiveCampaign values customer feedback and has a structured process to ensure a smooth transition. Here’s a guide on how to cancel your ActiveCampaign account.

Contact Customer Experience Team

Before initiating the cancellation, ActiveCampaign encourages you to reach out to their award-winning Customer Experience Team. This interaction provides an opportunity to address any issues you’re facing and offers insights for ActiveCampaign to improve its services. Engaging with the team can be a beneficial step to understand all available options and potentially reconsider your decision.

Stay Connected

Even after cancellation, you can stay updated with ActiveCampaign’s marketing tips and insights. Subscribing to their newsletter and Marketing blog keeps you informed about the latest features and updates, ensuring you’re not missing out on future offerings that might suit your needs better.

Steps to Cancel Your Account

  • Access Billing & Upgrade Page: As the Primary Admin of your account, navigate to the ‘Billing & Upgrade’ section from your account settings. Login first here.
  • Initiate Cancellation: Select the ‘Cancel my account’ option. This action might prompt you to schedule a free one-on-one session with a Success team member, depending on your plan. These sessions are designed to assist in a smooth transition and address any final queries.
  • Confirm Cancellation: If you’re not required to have a one-on-one session, or after completing it, you’ll have the option to click ‘Yes, Cancel My Account’. You’ll then be asked to state your reason for cancellation. You can opt for a final free session here or proceed to cancel.
  • Final Step: Click the ‘Cancel Account’ button to complete the process.

Cancel Trial Accounts

If you’re using a trial account, simply let it expire. ActiveCampaign won’t charge you unless you choose to upgrade to a paid account.

Cancel Resold Accounts

For accounts under an ActiveCampaign service provider, contact the provider directly for assistance with the cancellation process.

While ActiveCampaign will be sorry to see you go, they ensure the cancellation process is user-friendly and considerate of your feedback. Remember, their team is always there to assist you throughout the process, and they hope to partner with you again in the future. Also see more details here in the help center.

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