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Pitch is a collaborative presentation platform that reinvents the way teams create and share content. With intuitive design, real-time collaboration, and smart features, it transforms presentations into engaging and dynamic experiences.


Pitch: Redefining Collaborative Presentation Software

Welcome to Pitch – where powerful presentations meet seamless collaboration. Pitch is not just another presentation tool; it’s a platform designed to elevate the way teams create, collaborate on, and deliver stunning presentations that captivate audiences and drive results.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful and Intuitive Design: Say goodbye to dull presentations. Pitch offers a sleek and intuitive design interface that allows users to create visually stunning presentations effortlessly. Elevate your content with professional and engaging design templates.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Transform teamwork with Pitch‘s real-time collaboration features. Whether your team is working from different locations or collaborating on the same presentation, Pitch ensures everyone is on the same page, making collaboration seamless and efficient.
  • Dynamic Content Blocks: Break free from static slides. Pitch introduces dynamic content blocks that allow you to easily update and rearrange content without compromising the design integrity of your presentation. Maintain consistency while adapting to changes on the fly.
  • Interactive and Engaging Elements: Keep your audience engaged with interactive elements. Embed surveys, polls, and interactive charts directly into your presentation to gather feedback in real-time and make your presentations truly memorable.
  • Smart Slide Library: Enhance productivity with Pitch‘s smart slide library. Store and organize reusable slides, ensuring brand consistency and saving valuable time when creating new presentations.
  • Analytics and Tracking: Understand your audience and presentation impact with Pitch‘s analytics and tracking tools. Monitor who viewed your presentation, which slides were most engaging, and gather insights to refine your future presentations.

Why Pitch?

  • Collaborative Culture: Foster a culture of collaboration and creativity within your team. Pitch is built with collaboration at its core, ensuring that everyone can contribute their ideas seamlessly.
  • Effortless Sharing and Access: Share your presentations effortlessly. Pitch provides secure and easy sharing options, making it simple for teams to access and present from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Adaptability: Whether you’re a startup, a marketing team, or an enterprise, Pitch adapts to your needs. Create presentations that reflect your brand identity and resonate with your audience, regardless of your industry or scale.

Transform your presentations from routine to remarkable with Pitch. Join the growing community of teams and professionals who trust Pitch to bring their ideas to life. Elevate your presentations – start with Pitch today!




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Pricing and Features

Product Tier


Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Ideal for Individuals and Teams
  • Unlimited Admins for Collaborative Efforts
  • Unlimited Presentations for Varied Content
  • AI Presentation Creation for Efficiency
  • Custom Templates & Fonts for Personalization
  • Branded PPTX & PDF Exports for Professionalism
  • Unlimited Sharing Links for Seamless Distribution


Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • For Teams & Professionals
  • Additional Seats: $13
  • 50 Commenters, 25 External Guests
  • Includes Free Plan Features
  • Workspace Roles
  • Version History
  • Shared Private Folders
  • Unbranded Exports & Links
  • Video Uploads




  • Tailored for Large Organizations
  • Custom Pricing
  • Unlimited Admins & Presentations
  • Advanced Collaboration Features
  • Customized Branding & Export Options
  • Priority Support
  • Discuss Personalized Features with Our Team



Steps to cancel Pitch Subscription

To cancel your Pitch subscription, log in to your account on Pitch, find the cancellation option in your account settings, follow the provided instructions, and check for confirmation. For more details, visit customer support.

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Product FAQ

What is Pitch, and how does it differ from other presentation software?

Pitch is a modern presentation software that focuses on collaborative and dynamic presentations. It stands out with its real-time collaboration features, stylish templates, and interactive elements. Unlike traditional presentation tools, Pitch aims to enhance team collaboration and streamline the presentation creation process.

How does Pitch support collaborative presentation creation, and can multiple team members work on a presentation simultaneously?

Pitch is built for collaborative work. Multiple team members can work on a presentation simultaneously in real-time. Users can leave comments, provide feedback, and make edits collaboratively, fostering a more efficient and interactive approach to presentation creation.

What features does Pitch offer for creating visually appealing presentations?

Pitch provides a range of features to create visually appealing presentations. It includes stylish templates, customizable themes, and a design-first approach to help users craft engaging and professional-looking slides. Users can easily incorporate multimedia elements, charts, and interactive content.

Can Pitch be used for remote presentations, and how does it facilitate remote collaboration?

Yes, Pitch supports remote presentations and collaboration. Users can present their slides remotely, and viewers can follow along in real-time. The platform also offers features like commenting, chat, and feedback tools, enabling effective collaboration among team members, even when working from different locations.

How does Pitch prioritize security and privacy for sensitive presentation content?

Pitch prioritizes security and privacy. The platform uses encryption to protect sensitive presentation content, and it adheres to industry-standard security practices. Access controls and permissions ensure that only authorized team members can view and edit presentations, providing a secure environment for collaboration.

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