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Statsig, a developer-friendly feature flagging platform, accelerates development cycles with targeted rollouts, A/B testing, real-time analytics, and seamless integration. Ideal for startups and businesses, it ensures agile development, informed decision-making, and continuous improvement.


What is Statsig?

Ditch the traditional release cycles and embrace continuous experimentation. Statsig isn’t just another feature flag tool; it’s a powerful, developer-friendly platform designed to accelerate development cycles by helping you ship features, gather user feedback, and make data-driven decisions with robust and scalable feature flagging. Ditch the guesswork and gain the agility and insights needed to optimize your product iteratively.

Why Choose Statsig?

Struggling with lengthy release cycles, limited visibility into feature usage, and difficulty measuring the impact of new features? Statsig offers a compelling solution:

  • Effortless Feature Rollouts: Roll out features incrementally to targeted user segments, ensuring smooth product updates and minimizing potential risks.
  • A/B Testing and Experimentation: Conduct A/B tests and run controlled experiments easily, gather user data, and make informed decisions based on real-world results.
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting: Gain valuable insights into feature usage, user engagement, and experiment results with robust analytics and reporting tools.
  • Developer-Friendly SDKs: Integrate Statsig seamlessly into your development workflow with comprehensive and well-documented SDKs for various programming languages.
  • Scalable and Secure Infrastructure: Handle even the largest user bases and feature deployments with confidence, knowing Statsig is built on a secure and reliable infrastructure.
  • Integrations with Existing Tools: Connect Statsig with your existing development tools and platforms for a smooth and unified workflow.

Who is Statsig For?

Statsig empowers startups and businesses of all sizes:

  • Product Managers and Product Teams: Ship features faster, prioritize based on user data, and validate product hypotheses with data-driven insights.
  • Engineers and Developers: Streamline feature rollouts, manage experiments efficiently, and integrate feature flags seamlessly into your development process.
  • Data Analysts and Researchers: Analyze feature usage data, measure the impact of changes, and gain valuable insights from A/B testing and experimentation.
  • Marketing and Growth Teams: Target specific user segments with features and experiment with different marketing campaigns to optimize user acquisition and engagement.
  • Startups and Agile Teams: Embrace an iterative development approach, minimize risk with gradual rollouts, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Statsig stands out as a game-changer in the feature flags landscape. Its commitment to developer experience, robust functionality, and insightful analytics makes it an attractive choice for startups and businesses seeking to ship faster, experiment effectively, and make data-driven decisions throughout the product development lifecycle. Whether you’re a product manager, developer, analyst, or anyone involved in building successful digital products, Statsig empowers you to unlock the power of feature flagging and unleash the full potential of your agile development process.




Marketing and Analytics
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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

BeSignificant Program



  • For Application: Check here!
  • Scale for Ventures: Tailored for scaling, venture-backed companies.
  • Budget-Friendly: Powerful tools for companies without large budgets.
  • Full Statsig Access: Comprehensive access to the Statsig platform.
  • Generous Event Limit: 300M events available over 12 months.

Cloud Developer

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Unlimited Seats: No restrictions on the number of users.
  • Feature Flags: Implement feature flags effortlessly.
  • Launch Impact Analytics: Analyze the impact of feature launches.
  • A/B/N Experiments: Conduct experiments with ease.
  • User Targeting: Precisely target specific user segments.
  • Device Targeting: Tailor features based on devices and environments.
  • Staged Rollouts: Gradual feature rollouts for controlled releases.
  • Dynamic Configs: Configure features dynamically.
  • Data Integrations: Seamlessly integrate incoming data.
  • Cross-team Collaboration: Foster collaboration across teams.

Cloud Pro

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Cloud Developer Features: Includes all features from Cloud Developer.
  • Unlimited Custom Metrics: Create and manage custom metrics & queries without limitations.
  • Holdouts: Implement holdouts for refined experimentation.
  • Rollout Alerts: Receive alerts for staged rollout activities.
  • Reviews & Approvals: Systematic reviews and approvals for changes.
  • API Controls: Have fine-grained control over APIs.
  • Bandit Experimentation: Advanced multi-armed bandit experimentation.
  • Custom Environments: Create & manage environments w/o restrictions.
  • Outgoing Data Integrations: Integrate and share data with external systems.

Cloud Enterprise



  • Extended Feature Set: Includes all Cloud Pro features.
  • Exports via API: Effortlessly export data using the API.
  • Data Warehouse Imports: Import data seamlessly from your data warehouse.
  • SSO & Access Controls: Security with Single Sign-On and access controls.
  • Priority Support: Top-tier support for critical assistance.
  • Event Volume Discounts: Cost benefits with volume-based pricing.
  • HIPAA-Eligibility: Compliant with HIPAA regulations with a required BAA.

Warehouse Native



  • Scalable Seats: Unlimited seats for expansive team collaboration.
  • Feature Flags: Efficiently manage and control features in real-time.
  • Launch Impact Analytics: Assess the impact of feature launches with analytics.
  • A/B/n Experimentation: Conduct multi-variant experiments.
  • Holdouts: Safeguard specific groups from feature changes for reliable testing.
  • Change Reviews: Streamline and approve feature changes seamlessly.
  • API Controls: Enhance control through API management.
  • SSO & Access Controls: Security with Single Sign-On and access controls.
  • Priority Support: Prioritized assistance for critical needs.
  • HIPAA-Eligibility: Compliant with HIPAA regulations with a required BAA.



Concluding Your Statsig Subscription: A Streamlined Journey

If your experimentation needs have evolved, or you’re exploring alternative solutions, Statsig offers a clear and efficient process to finalize your account. To ensure a smooth transition and avoid future charges, we recommend visiting this page.


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Product FAQ

What is Statsig and who is it for?

Statsig is a modern feature management and experimentation platform designed to empower product teams to innovate and optimize their applications. It caters specifically to startups and early-stage companies scaling rapidly, offering a generous program with features typically found in enterprise-level solutions.

What features does Statsig offer for feature management and experimentation?

Statsig offers a robust set of tools to effectively manage and experiment with your product. With feature flags, you can precisely control the introduction of new features by targeting specific user groups or percentages, ensuring a methodical and measured rollout. A/B testing allows you to compare various versions of your product features, enabling you to pinpoint the most effective ones for your target audience. Utilizing canary deployments, you can incrementally introduce new features to a limited subset of users before a wider release, minimizing potential risks and collecting valuable feedback. Additionally, the platform provides experiment analytics, enabling you to scrutinize experiment results and gain valuable insights into user behavior and the impact of different variations on key metrics.

How does Statsig integrate with my existing workflow?

Statsig integrates seamlessly with various popular developer tools and frameworks, allowing you to continue using your preferred development environment. It also offers SDKs for various programming languages, making integration effortless.

What are some examples of how startups have used Statsig to achieve success?

Statsig has proven instrumental for numerous startups spanning diverse industries in accomplishing their objectives. For instance, a fintech startup adeptly employed Statsig to incrementally introduce a new investment feature to a limited user group, facilitating feedback collection and ensuring a seamless launch. Similarly, an e-commerce platform harnessed Statsig for conducting A/B tests on various product page layouts, resulting in a notable surge in conversion rates. Furthermore, a food delivery app effectively utilized Statsig to oversee the phased rollout of new delivery zones, closely monitoring user adoption trends before a comprehensive launch.

How does Statsig compare to other feature management and experimentation platforms?

Statsig distinguishes itself through several key attributes. Firstly, its user-friendly interface provides a straightforward and intuitive experience, catering to teams with diverse technical backgrounds and ensuring ease of use for all. Additionally, Statsig places a strong emphasis on developer experience by seamlessly integrating with a variety of development tools and workflows. This integration streamlines the process of feature management and experimentation, enhancing overall efficiency. Furthermore, Statsig is noteworthy for its cost-effectiveness, offering a free tier and competitive pricing plans. This accessibility makes Statsig a viable choice for startups and businesses of all sizes, providing valuable features without imposing prohibitive costs.

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