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How to Cancel The Wall Street Journal Subscription

Contemplating discontinuing your Wall Street Journal subscription? This guide empowers you to effectively terminate your subscription, ensuring a smooth cancellation process regardless of your location or billing method:

Cancellation Methods:

The Wall Street Journal offers two primary cancellation methods:

Telephone: Contacting their customer service department via phone is the most reliable approach. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. US Customers: Dial 1-800-JOURNAL (568-7625) to connect with a customer service representative.
  2. International Customers: Refer to the provided contact information for your specific region: EMEA Region: +44(0)20 3426 1313 , APAC Region: 800 901 216.

Online Cancellation: The Wall Street Journal website may offer an online cancellation option, but its functionality is limited. Here’s how to proceed (keep in mind this method may not be available or may require a California address):

  1. Customer Center Access: Navigate to the Wall Street Journal Customer Center .
  2. Account Management: Log in to your account and locate the section labeled “My Account” or “Manage Subscriptions.”
  3. Cancellation Initiation: Search for the option labeled “Cancel Subscription” and follow the on-screen prompts.

Important Considerations Before Cancellation:

  • Subscription Agreement: Reviewing your subscription agreement can provide valuable information about cancellation terms, refund eligibility, and potential minimum commitment periods.

  • Billing Cycle: Identify your billing cycle (monthly, yearly, etc.) to ensure you cancel before the next billing period to avoid unwanted charges.

  • Bundled Subscriptions: If you have a bundled subscription that includes access on multiple devices, cancellation may be more complex. Contact customer service to inquire about the specific cancellation process for bundled plans.

  • Third-Party Purchases: Subscriptions purchased through third-party vendors (e.g., Amazon, App Store) require cancellation directly through that vendor’s platform. Contact their customer service for assistance.

  • Cancellation Notice: It’s advisable to contact The Wall Street Journal at least 30 days before your next billing cycle to ensure a seamless cancellation and potentially qualify for a partial refund (subject to their terms).

Additional Tips:

  • Customer Service Interaction: When contacting customer service, have your account information readily available, such as your name and subscription account number.

  • Reason for Cancellation (Optional): While not mandatory, you may consider politely stating your reason for cancellation during your customer service interaction.

By following these steps and considering the outlined points, you can confidently and efficiently terminate your Wall Street Journal subscription using the method that best suits your needs. Remember, contacting customer service directly is generally the most reliable approach.

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