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Wise is a transparent and cost-effective platform for international money transfers. With competitive rates, low fees, and multicurrency features, it's ideal for travelers, expatriates, businesses, and anyone sending money abroad.


What is Wise?

Forget hidden fees and unfair exchange rates. Wise isn’t your typical money transfer service; it’s a transparent and convenient platform designed to save you money when sending and managing your finances internationally. With a focus on competitive exchange rates, low fees, and a user-friendly platform, Wise empowers you to move your money globally with confidence and ease.

Why Choose Wise?

Looking for a cost-effective and transparent way to send money internationally? Here’s why Wise stands out:

  • Competitive Exchange Rates: Enjoy mid-market exchange rates with no hidden fees, ensuring you get the most out of your transfer.
  • Low Transfer Fees: Benefit from transparent and upfront fees so you know exactly what you’re paying before you send.
  • Fast and Secure Transfers: Get your money where it needs to be quickly and securely, with real-time tracking.
  • Hold and Manage Multiple Currencies: Open a multi-currency account to hold, convert, and spend money in over 40 currencies.
  • Debit Card for International Spending: Order a Wise debit card to spend your money abroad with minimal fees.

Who is Wise For?

Wise caters to individuals and businesses seeking a transparent and affordable solution for international finance:

  • Frequent Travelers: Manage your travel funds hassle-free with the Wise debit card and competitive exchange rates.
  • International Workers and Students: Send and receive payments from abroad with low fees and secure transfers.
  • Businesses Making International Payments: Pay employees, contractors, and suppliers globally at a fraction of the cost of traditional banks.
  • People with Family Abroad: Support loved ones internationally with fast and affordable money transfers.
  • Anyone Transferring Money Overseas: Wise offers a convenient and cost-effective way to move your money across borders.

Wise goes beyond a simple money transfer service, offering a transparent and user-friendly platform designed to save you money on your international transactions. With its focus on competitive rates, low fees, and multicurrency features, Wise is the perfect choice for individuals and businesses seeking a hassle-free and affordable way to manage their finances internationally.



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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Send Money

Transaction Fee

From 0.43%

  • Transparent Fees: See fees and rates before transferring money.
  • Low Conversion Fees: Send money at real exchange rate.
  • Variable Rates: Fees depend on amount, currency, payment method.
  • Free Same-Currency Transfers: No fees for transfers within same currency.
  • Small Conversion Fee: Minimal fee for different currency transfers.

Wise Debit Card

One Time Payment


Account Funding Transaction


2 Withdrawals Below $100 Transaction Fee


Withdrawals Below $100 Transaction Fee


Withdrawals Above $100 Transaction Fee

1.5 USD + 2%

  • Real Exchange Rate: Spend globally with minimal conversion fees.
  • Card Ordering: No subscription fees for Wise card.
  • Replacement Fees: Nominal charges for card replacements.
  • ATM Withdrawals: Free monthly withdrawals, minimal fees thereafter.

Receive Money

Receive to Wise from Wise Fee


USD Wire Fee


CAD Swift Fee

10 CAD

  • Receive Money: No fees for receiving money globally.
  • Payment Methods: Choose fee or free options for adding money.
  • Bank Transfers: Add money without fees for same currency.



Streamlining Your Global Transactions: Wrapping Up Your Wise Account

As your financial needs and preferences evolve, or you explore alternative international money transfer solutions, Wise offers a clear and efficient process to close your account. To guarantee a seamless changeover and prevent unintentional fees, please visit this page.

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Product FAQ

What are the key advantages of using Wise for international money transfers compared to traditional banks?

Wise offers several benefits that can make sending money abroad more transparent and potentially less expensive:

  • Competitive Exchange Rates: Wise leverages the mid-market exchange rate, often more favorable than rates offered by banks. You’ll see the exact rate applied to your transfer upfront, with no hidden fees or markups.
  • Lower Transfer Fees: Wise charges a transparent fee structure with a flat fee and a small percentage of the transfer amount. This can be significantly cheaper compared to traditional bank fees for international transfers.
  • Fast Transfer Speeds: Your money typically reaches the recipient’s account within 1-2 business days, depending on the sending and receiving currencies.
  • Sending and Receiving Options: You can send money directly to a bank account or opt for cash pickup at specific locations in some countries (availability may vary).

These advantages can make Wise a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution for sending money internationally, especially for larger transfers.

Is using Wise safe and secure for my international money transfers?

Security is a top priority for Wise:

  • Financial Regulations: Wise operates under regulations of various financial authorities worldwide, ensuring adherence to security best practices.
  • Data Encryption: Your sensitive financial information is protected by industry-standard data encryption technologies within the Wise platform.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security, requiring a code from your phone in addition to your password when logging in or initiating transfers.

Wise understands the importance of safeguarding your financial information during international transactions. These measures help create a secure environment for your transfers.

How does Wise make money if they offer competitive exchange rates and potentially lower fees?

Wise generates revenue through a transparent fee structure:

  • Transfer Fees: The flat fee and small percentage charged per transfer contribute to Wise’s income. You’ll always see the total fee upfront before confirming your transaction.
  • Large Transfer Volumes: Wise processes a high volume of international transfers, allowing them to negotiate favorable exchange rates with partner banks, ultimately benefiting their customers.

Understanding their revenue model can provide transparency into how Wise sustains its operations while offering potentially lower costs for international money transfers.

What happens if the exchange rate fluctuates between the time I initiate a transfer and the time the recipient receives the funds?

Wise offers two options to manage exchange rate fluctuations:

  • Spot Rate: This is the default option, where the exchange rate you see at the time of initiating the transfer is applied. The recipient receives the equivalent amount in their currency based on this rate.
  • Market Rate Guarantee (potential additional fee): For a small additional fee, Wise can guarantee the exchange rate for a specific timeframe, typically 24 or 48 hours. This provides certainty about the amount the recipient will receive, even if the market rate fluctuates slightly.

Understanding these options allows you to decide if the security of a guaranteed rate is worth the potential extra fee, especially for larger transfers where even minor fluctuations can impact the final amount received.

Can I track the progress of my international money transfer with Wise?

Wise provides transparency throughout the transfer process:

  • Real-Time Tracking: You can track the status of your transfer in real-time through the Wise app or website.
  • Notifications: Wise might send you notifications via email or app alerts to update you on the progress of your transfer, such as when the funds are debited from your account or credited to the recipient’s account.
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Wise provides an estimated timeframe for when the recipient can expect to receive the funds based on the chosen currencies and transfer method.

This level of transparency allows you to stay informed and monitor the progress of your international money transfer easily.

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