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Zoho Social streamlines social media management, offering a unified platform for scheduling posts, monitoring conversations, and analyzing performance. Ideal for social media managers, small to medium-sized businesses, marketing teams, and digital agencies, it fosters collaboration and effective online presence.

How to cancel Zoho Social

Note: This guide assumes you are guiding your customers on canceling their subscriptions through the Zoho Social Customer Portal.

Step 1: Log into Zoho Social Customer Portal

Customers need to log in to their Zoho Social account and access the Customer Portal.

Step 2: Navigate to Subscription Management

Within the Customer Portal, navigate to “Settings” > “Preferences” > “Subscription Management.”

Step 3: Access Cancellations Tab

Select the “Cancellations” tab in the Subscription Management section.

Step 4: Enable Cancel Subscriptions Option

Check the “Cancel Subscriptions” option to enable customers to cancel their subscriptions.

Step 5: Choose Cancellation Timing

Choose whether customers can cancel their subscriptions immediately or on the next renewal. This option depends on your preference.

Step 6: Save Changes

Click on the “Save” button to apply the changes.

Step 7: Cancel Subscription

Customers can now navigate to the appropriate section in the Customer Portal to find the option for canceling their subscriptions.

Important Tips:

  • Customer Guidance: Provide clear instructions to your customers on accessing the Customer Portal and finding the subscription cancellation option.
  • Cancellation Timing: Make sure customers are aware of the chosen cancellation timing (immediate or on the next renewal) based on your settings.
  • Contact Support (if needed): If customers encounter any issues or have questions about the cancellation process, guide them to contact Zoho Social support for assistance.

Enabling subscription cancellations through the Zoho Social Customer Portal involves configuring the settings in the Subscription Management section. Once activated, customers can easily cancel their subscriptions by following the provided steps in the portal.

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