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Flusk enhances Bubble app security with automated audits, real-time threat detection, and encryption. Ideal for developers and businesses, it ensures compliance, protects user data, and builds reliable applications with confidence.

Build a Secured Agency for Free with Flusk! - Get the most out of Flusk

How much can customers save with Flusk deal?

Forever Free plan

How to claim the deal:

  1. Visit Flusk Website: Go to the Flusk website using the provided link: Flusk.
  2. Explore Offer: Read through the information provided about Flusk's services, including security and monitoring features for Bubble apps.
  3. Sign Up: If you're interested in availing of the free offer for agencies, navigate to the section that offers agency access and click on "Get my agency access."
  4. Fill out Information: Complete the sign-up process by providing the necessary information, such as your name, email address, and agency details.
  5. Agree to Terms: Agree to the terms and conditions of Flusk's service.
  6. Start Using Flusk: Once signed up, you'll gain access to Flusk's security and monitoring tools for your agency at no cost.
  7. Introduce Flusk: After building and delivering an app to your client, follow Flusk's instructions to introduce Flusk to your client via email, inviting them to subscribe.
  8. Utilize Flusk's Services: Take advantage of Flusk's security features, including automated security checks, error monitoring, smart deployments, and visual logs, to keep your Bubble apps safe and error-free.
  9. Upgrade Options: Explore any upgrade options or additional services offered by Flusk if needed for your agency's specific requirements.

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