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NocoDB transforms relational databases into user-friendly spreadsheets, eliminating the need for complex queries. Ideal for business users, analysts, and developers, it offers seamless data exploration, collaboration, and customization in an open-source, scalable platform.


What is NocoDB?

Forget the complexities of traditional SQL queries and cumbersome database management tools. NocoDB isn’t just another database interface; it’s a revolutionary open-source platform that transforms any relational database into a user-friendly spreadsheet, empowering everyone to interact with data intuitively and efficiently. Ditch the steep learning curve and technical barriers – NocoDB unlocks the power of your data with the simplicity and familiarity of a spreadsheet.

Why Choose NocoDB?

Struggling with complex SQL queries, limited data accessibility, and siloed information hindering collaboration? NocoDB offers a compelling solution:

  • Spreadsheet-like Interface: Interact with your database tables using a familiar spreadsheet interface, eliminating the need for complex SQL queries or coding knowledge.
  • Seamless Data Exploration: Filter, sort, and group data with ease, gaining valuable insights from your database without technical expertise.
  • Collaborative Environment: Share and edit data securely with team members, fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Powerful Integrations: Connect NocoDB to various external tools and services, extending its functionality and automating workflows.
  • Open-Source and Customizable: Gain complete control over your data and tailor NocoDB to your specific needs with its open-source foundation.
  • Scalable and Performant: Handle even large datasets with confidence, ensuring smooth operation as your data volume grows.

Who is NocoDB For?

NocoDB empowers individuals and organizations of all backgrounds:

  • Business Users and Decision Makers: Explore data independently, generate reports and dashboards, and make data-driven decisions without relying on technical specialists.
  • Data Analysts and Scientists: Leverage the intuitive interface for data exploration, prototyping analysis workflows, and collaborating with non-technical stakeholders.
  • Developers and IT Professionals: Streamline database management tasks, build custom applications on top of NocoDB, and extend its functionality with integrations and automations.
  • Non-Technical Teams: Empower everyone in your organization to access and understand data, fostering a data-driven culture and promoting informed decision-making.
  • Open-Source Enthusiasts: Contribute to the development of NocoDB, shape its future, and benefit from a supportive community of developers and users.

NocoDB stands out as a game-changer in the database management landscape. Its commitment to an intuitive spreadsheet interface, open-source principles, and collaborative features makes it an attractive choice for individuals and organizations seeking to democratize data access, break down technical barriers, and unlock the full potential of their data. Whether you’re a business user seeking insights, a developer building data-driven applications, or an organization fostering a data-driven culture, NocoDB empowers you to interact with your data effortlessly, collaborate effectively, and make informed decisions with confidence.


Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Open Source



  • No-Code Database Building: Database creation with a spreadsheet-like interface.
  • Data Control: Ensure control over your data with NocoDB.
  • Versatile Views for Data: Grid, Kanban, Gallery, and Form views.
  • Endless Use Cases: Caters to CRM, Project Management, Operations, etc.
  • Unprecedented Scale: Scales seamlessly to millions of rows.
  • High API Throughput: Streamline and automate confidently.
  • Community Innovation: Embrace collective intelligence with a vibrant community.
  • Open Source Advantage: Join a widely adopted, community-driven solution.
  • Responsive Mobile View: Access and edit data conveniently from smartphones.
  • Schema Control: Gain deep insights with ERD view.


Product FAQ

How does NocoDB work?

NocoDB connects to your existing databases and automatically generates a user interface based on the tables and data schema. Users can then customize this interface by adding functionalities like forms, filters, and visualizations. No coding is required, making it accessible to users with varying technical backgrounds.

Is NocoDB secure?

NocoDB prioritizes data security. It offers features like user authentication, access control, and encryption to safeguard your data. Additionally, you maintain complete control over your databases as they remain on your own servers or cloud infrastructure.

Does NocoDB require any coding knowledge?

NocoDB is designed to be accessible to users with no coding experience. Its visual interface allows you to build and manage applications through configuration options and pre-built features. However, basic understanding of database concepts can be beneficial for optimal utilization.

Can I use NocoDB with different types of databases?

NocoDB currently supports popular relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. As the platform evolves, compatibility with additional database types might be introduced.

What resources are available to learn more about using NocoDB?

NocoDB provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and video guides to help users get started and explore its capabilities. Additionally, their active community forum offers support and allows users to connect and share knowledge.

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