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OpenGov provides cloud-based solutions tailored for public sector organizations, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and citizen engagement. With streamlined operations and data-driven insights, it empowers governments to better serve communities and make informed decisions.

How to Cancel OpenGov Subscription

OpenGov doesn’t appear to offer a self-service cancellation option through their website. Here’s how to proceed:

Contacting OpenGov Support:

  1. Choose Your Preferred Method: Check this page to choose your method of contacting support.

  2. Provide Account Information: Include your account details (organization name, email address associated with the account) for efficient processing.

  3. Request Confirmation: Ask for a confirmation email acknowledging your cancellation request to ensure a smooth process.

Additional Notes:

  • OpenGov offers customized solutions and pricing plans. The cancellation process might involve additional steps or verification depending on your specific agreement.
  • Consider reviewing OpenGov’s Subscription Agreement (potentially accessible through your contract documents or upon request) for detailed information regarding cancellation rights, potential termination clauses, and data transition procedures.


Due to the potential for minimum contract periods or termination fees, carefully consider your decision and review your agreement before initiating cancellation. Contacting OpenGov support is necessary to formally request cancellation and discuss any applicable terms or fees.

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