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Pandora offers personalized radio tailored to your tastes, helping you discover new music and revisit favorites. With customizable stations, deep music discovery, and multi-device listening, it's the perfect choice for music enthusiasts.

Save 20% in your Pandora Subscription with Pandora

How much can customers reduce their spend with Pandora?

Up to 20%

Pandora is a music streaming service that offers personalized radio stations based on users’ musical preferences. With its vast catalog of songs and customizable stations, Pandora provides users with a personalized listening experience tailored to their tastes and preferences.

How to reduce the cost of a Pandora subscription

 i – Tricks are what we like to call direct ways to reduce your subscription costs.

Buy Apple & Google Pay Gift Cards at a Discounted Price

Check out websites, platforms, or retailers that offer discounted digital Apple gift cards, especially during the holiday season. You can often find these cards at prices lower than their face value, helping you save on your Apple purchases, such as your Pandora subscription. Some stores also offer Google play gift cards at a discounted price. Multiple redditors recommended to purchase those from Costco (both in store and online).

Pandora’s Military Plan 

This discounted rate is available for individuals with military status, including those on active duty, reservists, the National Guard, retirees, veterans, and their families. (you don’t have to be in the same roof)

How to implement a Workaround to reduce subscription for Pandora

 i – A workaround is using another tool to reduce your subscription.


  • We haven’t found any current workarounds to reduce your subscription  

How to reduce Pandora via bundling

 i – Use one tool to get a discount on another tool.


  • We haven’t found any current bundles to reduce your subscription


Additional bundling options to try to reduce subscription costs:


Pairing/Bundling for Discounts

Partner Programs: Check if your company qualifies for partner discounts through partnerships with other software providers (e.g., some cloud storage services offer discounts with Salesforce).

Negotiate with Support. Customer support details of Pandora

 i – Speak with the Pandora support team and ask for a discount.


Discuss Usage Patterns: Contact support and discuss your current usage patterns. They might offer discounts based on your specific needs and historical data.


Negotiate Renewal Rates: Before your subscription renews, negotiate renewal rates with support. Loyalty and commitment to the platform can sometimes lead to better pricing.


Use this for help: Customer support list or google


How to switch to subscription type for Pandora 

 i – Switching to a longer-term contract or changing subscription type is a good way to save.


  • We haven’t found any current subscription types to reduce your subscription


Annual Subscriptions

Switching to annual subscriptions often comes with a discount compared to monthly billing.

Switch to Alternative for Pandora

 i – Here is a list of similar products that are similar you can switch to for savings.

  • Spotify: A leading music streaming platform offering on-demand access to millions of songs, curated playlists, and personalized recommendations.
  • Apple Music: A subscription-based music streaming service providing access to a vast library of songs, exclusive releases, and personalized playlists.
  • Amazon Music: A music streaming service offering access to millions of songs, curated playlists, and personalized recommendations for Prime members.
  • YouTube Music: A music streaming platform offering ad-supported and subscription-based access to music videos, official tracks, and user-generated content.