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Prime Video offers premium entertainment with a vast library, including blockbuster movies, binge-worthy shows, and award-winning originals. Enjoy high-quality streaming, rental options, offline viewing, and Prime member benefits for an unparalleled viewing experience.

How to Cancel Prime Video Subscription

Contemplating the discontinuation of your Prime Video subscription? This guide elucidates the cancellation process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience:

Important Distinction:

  • Prime Video Subscription: Provides access solely to the Prime Video streaming library.
  • Amazon Prime Membership: Offers a wider array of benefits including Prime Video, free one-day shipping, and exclusive deals. Canceling your Prime membership terminates your Prime Video access.

For Prime Video-Only Subscriptions:

  1. Access Account Settings: Navigate to your Prime Video account using a web browser and log in. Proceed to the “Account & Settings” section.
  2. Locate Your Account: Within “Account & Settings,” select the “Your Account” tab.
  3. Initiate Cancellation: Identify the “End Subscription” option and click on it to formally initiate the cancellation process.

For Cancelling Prime Membership (Includes Prime Video):

  1. Access Account Settings: Following the steps outlined above, navigate to “Account & Settings.”
  2. Prime Membership Management: Locate the “Prime Membership” section and select “Edit on Amazon.” This will redirect you to the Prime membership management page.
  3. Cancellation Confirmation: On the Prime membership management page, follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your desire to cancel the membership.

By following these steps and considering the highlighted factors, you can confidently terminate your Prime Video subscription or Prime membership, streamlining your streaming service subscriptions.

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