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Confluence, by Atlassian, is a collaborative platform fostering teamwork through shared documentation. With easy-to-use tools for creating, organizing, and discussing content, it enhances communication and productivity within organizations.

How to Cancel Confluence

If you wish to remove Confluence from your instance, follow these step-by-step instructions for a seamless cancellation process. Please note that the screenshots provided are for illustrative purposes, and your interface may have slight variations.

Steps to Cancel

  • Access Site Administration:

Navigate to the Site Administration section in your instance.

  • Navigate to Billing:

In the Site administration section, click on “Billing” and then select “Manage Subscriptions.”

  • Initiate Deletion:

On the Manage Subscriptions page, locate Confluence and click on … > Delete.

  • Confirmation and Reasoning:

The next page will present a text box. Type “DELETE” in the box to confirm your action.

  • Specify Reason and Confirm:

Choose the reason for removing Confluence from the options provided. Click “Delete” to confirm your decision.

We appreciate your engagement with Atlassian Community, and we hope this guide assists you in canceling your Confluence subscription effectively. If you encounter any challenges during the process, feel free to seek further assistance from the Atlassian support team. Thank you for your understanding as you navigate this formal cancellation procedure. For further details about cancellation, click here.

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