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Envoy, reshaping modern workplaces for flexible work, connects individuals to thrive. With solutions for visitor management, workspace booking, and global reach, Envoy enhances employee experiences and first impressions in dynamic environments.

How to Cancel Envoy Subscription

Contemplating discontinuing your service with a particular platform? This guide facilitates a streamlined cancellation process, ensuring a smooth termination and the avoidance of unwanted charges. Here’s how to cancel your Envoy subscription:

Important Notice:

Envoy requires written notification at least 30 days before your next renewal date to cancel your subscription. Cancellations via phone are not accepted. Additionally, Envoy does not offer prorated refunds or refunds for unused time, regardless of whether you have a monthly or annual plan.

Steps for Cancellation:

  1. Submit a Written Cancellation Request: Compose a clear and concise email expressing your intent to cancel your Envoy subscription. Include your account details (e.g., company name, contact person) for easy identification. Send the email to Envoy’s cancellation email address: [email protected].

  2. Confirmation: Once you submit your cancellation request, wait for confirmation from Envoy acknowledging the termination. This is crucial to avoid future charges.

Additional Considerations:

  • Review Your Renewal Date: Determine your next renewal date to ensure your written request is submitted at least 30 days prior. You can likely find this information within your Envoy account settings or billing statements.
  • No Refunds: Be aware that Envoy’s policy does not grant refunds for any unused portion of your subscription, even after cancellation.

By following these steps and adhering to Envoy’s cancellation policy, you can effectively terminate your subscription and prevent unwanted charges. Remember, clear written communication and timely notice are essential for a smooth cancellation process.

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