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Gusto is an all-in-one HR platform simplifying payroll, benefits, and employee management for small to medium-sized businesses. It automates payroll, benefits administration, and ensures compliance with tax and labor regulations.

How to Cancel Gusto Subscription

Here’s a breakdown of how to cancel your Gusto subscription, focusing on the key steps:

Important Considerations Before Cancellation:

  • Account Access: Even after cancellation, you’ll have full access to your historical records, including employee information and past payrolls.
  • Billing: Cancelling mid-month still results in a full month’s charge. Gusto bills retroactively, so your final invoice arrives the following month.
  • Data Retention: Your data remains accessible for 90 days after cancellation for potential reactivation.

Steps to Cancel Your Gusto Account:

  1. Sign in: Access your admin Gusto account.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Locate the “Settings” section in the left-hand menu.
  3. Access Plan & Billing: Click the “Plan & Billing” tab.
  4. Initiate Cancellation: Under “Your monthly plan,” click “Cancel account.”
  5. Provide Reason: Select the reason for cancellation and provide any additional feedback.
  6. Tax Handling: Choose whether Gusto handles outstanding tax payments and filings or if you’ll manage them yourself.
  7. Confirmation: Confirm your decision by typing the company name and checking acknowledgement boxes.

Final Steps:

  1. Gusto may contact you for further verification before proceeding.
  2. Cancel your integrated Workers’ Comp policy if applicable.
  3. Address Gusto-managed benefits if applicable.

Additional Notes:

  • Annual subscriptions require a 30-day notification before the renewal date to avoid automatic renewal.
  • Cancelling a payroll subscription can have significant implications, so Gusto may attempt to connect and discuss the decision.
  • Colorado local taxes require separate handling even after cancellation.

By following these steps and understanding the potential consequences, you can effectively cancel your Gusto subscription and manage your account closure smoothly.

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